On the basis that First and Business class are the minority of the passengers on an airpline, I am fed up with the rest categorised as 'economy' or 'coach'. A more acceptable label for me is 'Standard class'. Airlines seem to be the only mode of transport where this type of segmentation occurs. Sorry about the rant.

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Comment by andy mossack on January 13, 2010 at 10:01am
Thanks for your feedback. I mean, I don't begrudge business and first, and given a chance I'll certainly go one of those, but let's get real, it's not economy it is a standard fare, the others are paying the premiums aren't they?
Comment by John Kipper on January 2, 2010 at 12:27pm
I hear you, bro. I mean it's not like the No. 1 issue affecting travelers right? But we put up with enough bull&%@# these days just to get onto the plane that we shouldn't have to be called "economy" travelers. Yeah I got downsized and I'm making less now than my old man made in 1973, do i need to be reminded? Like if I'm dating some chick (which I'm not right now, Wendy, FYI LOL) do I want to tell her we're flying to Aruba ECONOMY class??? NOT!!
Comment by Wendy Capra on January 2, 2010 at 12:11pm
I'm with you guys. I always travel coach, except for this one time I was dating this guy who worked for MicroSoft, but that's another story and it didn't end well. Anyway isn't it humiliating enough that they force us to walk past all those plush leather seats wide enough for an elephant and every time your eyes meet with one of these people in business class they look at you like the poor schmuck who can't afford to travel in style. And then on top of that they call it economy class, just to jiggle the knife a little and remind us that we're the "little people" as Leona Helmsley used to say, which is probably why she left her billions to her little dog............ Am I rambling?
Comment by Max Pesling on January 2, 2010 at 12:04pm
Good point, Andy. I'm with you totally on Standard Class: let's call it what it is, standard service. Some airlines' attempts to sugarcoat the cramped seats and lousy food with names like "World Traveller" (British Airways) and, so help me G-d, "Fiesta Class" (the Philippines airline) are: a) silly, b) annoying, and c) misleading, as they don't clearly communicate that you are in the lowest class of service on the craft. If they want to get "cute," how about DVT Class (for deep vein thrombosis)? A little self-deprecating humor never hurt anyone...

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