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Meissen, Germany a Gem for Porcelain, Wine & More

Originating as a Slavic settlement in the Dark Ages, for more than three centuries, the town, the small city of Meissen (pop. 30,000), straddling the Elbe River of Saxony, had something of an outsize reputation as site of key events in Teutonic history but especially as the place where Europe’s first hard-paste porcelain was invented in 1710 and developed worldwide fame. That light dimmed a bit as Meissen Porcelain came under the control of Communist East Germany after World War II, limiting its world distribution and reputation, but since 1990 owned by the democratic Bundesrepublik‘s state of Saxony, it has flourished as well as become one of this charming city’s star attractions. keep  reading


Our First South Africa Safari

If like us you’ve been thinking about an African safari for ages but always found an excuse: it’s too far, I have to get vaccines… follow our advice, it’s time to put your fears behind you and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

And when you do, make sure you organize the trip thru a specialised travel agent, the choices are overwhelming otherwise. My goal was seeing as many elephants as possible so mine organised our trip to southern Africa for their winter (August), when foliage is arid and it’s much easier to spot them.    keep reading

photos |  Roppongi Art Night, HildaWeges Photography 

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