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Charming Inns and Artisanal Dining on the Caribbean Island of Nevis

Situated in the refreshing trade wind breezes of the Leeward Island chain in the West IndiesNevis remains authentically Caribbean, eschewing the homogenization that has befallen so many other island destinations. This means absolutely no strip development, fast food chains, casinos, or stoplights and only one international brand resort on this 36 square mile island. Nevis' 12,000 residents live in villages where no buildings exceed the height of a palm tree and locally grown and prepared foods dominate the markets, roadside stands, and most notably, the kitchens of inns and hotels. read post


How Does Drug Legalization Affect Tourism?

People travel to other environments for many reasons. Colorful history, vibrant culture,
 famous landmarks, and beautiful nature are some of the key factors for visiting a country. But, there are also some other tourism forms, like medical tourism, sex tourism and drug tourism - this last defined as traveling with the intent to obtain or use drugs for recreational or personal use. It is not strictly related to substances commonly referred as "drugs," and also includes tobacco and alcohol.

So how is drug legalization affecting tourism in legalized countries? And why would someone go to another country to buy drugs? Well, there are many possible reasons... read post

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