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Northern Ireland: Good Things Come in Wee Packages

When it comes to the Emerald Isle. But most still think in terms of the Republic of Ireland. Still less well known – perhaps in part because it was off the tourism radar for many years thanks to the sectarian “Troubles” – is the six counties and 5,500 square miles (14,000 sq. kilometres) carved out of the Isle’s northeast corner, which has remained part of the United Kingdom to this day. These days, however, it’s been becoming increasingly popular as a destination – especially, it must be said, since many locations here were used to film the first three seasons of Game of Thrones (and you’d better believe they’re milking that one for all it’s worth). So here’s a quick primer… keep reading

The Unique 'Ethnic' Dining Scene of San Antonio, Texas Recognized by UNESCO

Texas' second largest city has traditionally been a fairly sleepy place as big cities go, but that's been changing in recent years as its population has grown (by at least 11 percent since 2010) and its culinary offerings expanded beyond Tex-Mex and whitebread American to embrace cuisines from all over the world. And this past November, San Antonio was proclaimed only the second city in the USA to be certified as a UNESCO City of Creative Gastronomy (after Tucson, Arizona), one of only 19 cities in the world to receive this honour. What's all the fuss about? Well, places like Mi Tierra Café... keep reading

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