Wendy Capra commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post Family Travel Marketing Strategies Fail Families
"Great post Kaleel! I think the issue is that big corporations tend to be conservative and slow to catch up with social change. By the time they react to something new or cool it's no longer new or cool. And some may have their own…"
Sep 24, 2012
Wendy Capra left a comment on Allianz Global Assistance
"I have seven brothers and sisters -- don't ask. It wasn't easy growing up!! Travel insurance is a topic we still kid around with in my family, you see when I was 15 my older brother graduated from college and my parents decided to take us all back…"
Mar 27, 2012
Wendy Capra left a comment on Allianz Global Assistance
"I always buy travel insurance when I travel. Lesson learned the hard way after one trip where I didn't and I broke my ankle. My boyfriend never forgave me for that one..."
Feb 4, 2012
Wendy Capra left a comment for Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
"OMG those pics are too much!! I've never stayed at Iberostar but my ex Charlie used to rave about them. I think I want a vacation...........!!"
Oct 18, 2011
Wendy Capra commented on Hotel Mocking Bird Hill's blog post More Jamaica Travel Tips
"Two swimsuits is BRILLIANT. Wish I'd thought of that on my trip to Laguna Beach last year!!"
Jun 9, 2011
Wendy Capra commented on Rev. Kermit Rydell's video
"Beautiful!! where is this?"
Apr 30, 2011
Wendy Capra replied to John Kipper's discussion Child-free flights on Ryan Air -- is that age discrimination? in Air Travel/Airlines
"That's hysterical! I'd heard about some of these, but toilet paper charge?? LOLLLL What happens if you forgot to bring your coins? Definitely this is a publicity stunt, and we're talking about it so i guess its working!!
Apr 23, 2011
Wendy Capra replied to David Paul Appell's discussion Earth Week: What are YOU doing to protect our planet? in Ecotourism
"Well I havent traveled in a year but that has more to do with the sad state of the economy than with my desire to preotect the planet. Which of course does need protection. Meanwhile I come onto this site and dream about places i want to go. But if…"
Apr 18, 2011
Wendy Capra left a comment on Travel Funnies
"Not sure whether to say yuk-yuk or yuck-yuck!! Just got this in an email:
Year-to-Date Statistics on Airport Screening from the Department of Homeland Security:

Terrorist Plots Discovered 0
Transvestites 133
Hernia’s 1,485
Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172…"
Apr 18, 2011
Wendy Capra replied to David Paul Appell's discussion Would you feel safe flying if proposed FAA budget cuts further reduce the number of inspectors? in Air Travel/Airlines
"My friend Jack's cousin was on that flight with the huge gaping hole recently and he said it was the most frightening experience of his life. He thought he was a dead man. I dont understand these REpublicans wanting to cut FAA inspectors so their…"
Apr 11, 2011
Wendy Capra commented on David Paul Appell's blog post Spirit Airlines Fees Again Break New Ground
"Teehee ! Won't be long before the toiletpaper dispneser is coin-operated!!"
Apr 1, 2011
Wendy Capra left a comment on Tourism Branding
"OMG!! Ur all going to laugh, but I had a boyfriend who looked like that. I mean, not heavy, he was built like a you-know-what, but his back was just as hairy as this guys. Guess who used to shave it for him? Anyway this is getting way too personal…"
Mar 29, 2011
Wendy Capra commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post Concord, Massachusetts to North Africa: The Road To Revolution (With Video)
"Ditto for me: what an inspiring story. Next time I'm in that part of the country, I will make a point of stopping by. Thanks, Kaleel."
Mar 18, 2011
Wendy Capra left a comment for Jare's Place
"Hi there, 
What part or neighborhood of Toronto are you in?
Jan 18, 2011
Wendy Capra commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post Carnival Cruise Lines Goes Facebook, Skips Web Site
"A sure sign of the times! Why didn't Carnival post the cruise video on Tripatini?? ;-)"
Jan 11, 2011
Wendy Capra left a comment on Travel Funnies
"Something I got a chuckle from in the paper today!"
Jan 7, 2011

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  • I have a 7-day vacation and I want to spend it in Italy, can you recommend some cities so I can make my itinerary, thank you.

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  • Jare's Place Bed and Breakfast has recently relocated to Leslieville area.  It all fairness we are right on the boarder of Riverside and Leslieville two up and coming areas of Toronto's East side.  While there are plenty of little shops, restaurants and cafe's, Jare's Place B&B is now only a 16 minute TTC ride to the Eaton Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto. 

  • You're always welcome, Wendy!
  • Hello Wendy,


    Jare's Place is located in Riverdale a community located East of downtown Toronto.  We are exceptional closed to Greek Town, Old China Town and Cabbage Town.  Are you familiar with Toronto? 


    Take Care, Jeremy

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  • Hey Wendy! So you ever coming out East?
  • Ciao bella! Benvenuta nel sito!
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