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Did you know that it is possible to see kangaroos in the wild in Sydney, Australia?

That's right. We are not talking about going to a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary but to bushlands in and close to Sydney. Travel Ideology offers tours to see kangaroos in the wild with a guarantee that if you don't see a single kangaroo, then you can come a second time at no extra cost. Fortunately, the business has never had to honour the commitment as they have always seen kangaroos and their visitors have been very happy as a result. 

Now kangaroos are a unique species indeed. Female kangaroos have a pouch where they can carry their young for up to 18 months. They have three vaginas and multiple sets of teats to host multiple joeys (babies) at a time. They are the largest animal to get around by jumping. They cannot walk backwards. They are the real 'bigfoot' in that the species family is known as macropod meaning big foot. 

To spend time with wild kangaroos is a unique fulfilling experience. Seeing them resting, grazing, playing, boxing, etc and to see the joeys hanging their heads from the mothers pouches is something again. 

If you are interested in knowing about Travel Ideology's Sydney Tours contact them on 1300 872 843.

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