Why Do You Choose Nelliyampathy in Kerala as your Honeymoon Destination?

We would bet you that the experiences you will have while honeymooning in Nelliyampathy will be one-of-a-kind and dear to your heart. Those breath-taking views from just over the hills to the plains below might be exceptional in and of themselves. After a few miles from the checkpoint at the reserve forest's entrance, you'll find yourself abruptly entering a woodland expanse via a dozen hairpin turns abounding with rich foliage. When you are sharing your precious moments with that particular person in your life in such an exciting destination, you may be able to obtain certain boons that can only be obtained by honeymooning in this unique section of the Western Ghats. The statements below would give you the reasons to choose Nelliyampathy as your honeymoon destination.

There are various viewpoints in Nelliyampathy


Mount up to the popular Seetharkundu Viewpoint in Nelliyampathy and glance down into the valley and get astonished by the vista. The roads you've travelled up to this point may be seen from the top of the hill but in an incredible birds eye's view. Because, almost in all the three sides of this hillside, are valleys with beautiful views. Some interesting tales are revolved around it, such as religious beliefs claiming that the spot was visited by Rama, Laxmana, and Sita during their exile. Aside from that, Nelliyampathy's iconic scenery is a photograph taken from the hills of an Amla tree situated on the edge of a hill. The oddly bent branches of this specific tree in such a setting may be the perfect framing for your Honeymoon in Kerala. As a result, they are preferred by all nature enthusiasts. You could even pull over your vehicle at any viewpoint that you find on your way.

Challenging Trails for trekking for honeymooners


Located at a height of 4920 feet above sea level, Nelliyampathy provides hikers with an unforgettable experience. Apart from the popular Seetharkundu viewpoint, the main trekking places in the hill station include Kambamala, Pothumala, and Manpara. Instead of racing into exotic animals like the Lion-tailed Macaque, Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Tahr, and Indian Gaur, you may always obtain beautiful vistas all around you on your trek up the hills. You don't necessarily have to travel to a well-known tourist site to partake in such a risky activity. These Nelliyampathy hilltops may be seen stretching from Pothundy to Kalchady and cover an area of 8 to 15 kilometres.

A delightful visit to the Pothundi Dam


From the little village of Nenmara, The magnificent reservoir of Pothundi may be accessed after a quick ride. If you had planned your honeymoon around the festival season, you might be able to see and participate in Nenmara Vallengi Vela, which is held along the reservoir's banks. With the views of the Nelliyampathy hillocks on one side and agricultural lands on the other, they are basically irrigation dams. Boating in the seas of these lovely Pothundi locales with your loving spouse might be another thrilling activity. Furthermore, the premises around the Pothundi Dam would turn out to be a fantastic picnic location in a natural setting, with so many sculptures and sceneries around. The garden and park set in its premises is adorable and is an awesome spot to spend your evenings together. Both of you could click some adorable pictures at its park.

Opting for Jeep Safaris for some adventure


Such a risky action may be enjoyed for a complete 2 hours, and at such a reasonable price, the safari would be really worth it. Close interactions with the abundant wildlife of these regions of Kerala are possible if you are brave enough to embark on an off-road vehicle safari in the high hills of Nelliyampathy. If the activity is included in the package, some tour operators will offer it to fun-loving travellers. During the exciting trip through the not-so-dense jungle parts of Nelliyampathy up to Pakuthipalam, you could come across numerous wild pigs, rabbits, sambhar, and even elephants if you're lucky. This would be a fantastic thing to partake in during your exciting honeymoon.

Palagapandi Estate is all for surprises for its visitors


Nelliyampathy is a diverse spectrum of crops, including tea plantations, orange, cardamom, pepper, and coffee. You may wander through the estate with your loved ones and have them pose for photos against the backdrop of verdant luxuriant tea estates like you could in Munnar or Idukki. The great chance to take such spectacular images may be taken into account in Nelliyampathy. Aside from that, you can visit any of the bio-farms ran and owned by numerous plantation firms. If you and your lover enjoy being close to nature, you may spend some quality time together in these areas. You may also stay in the historic home located in the heart of the Palagapandi estate.

Tent camping in the woods


The verdant landscapes abound in Kerala, especially in Nelliyampathy and the likes are quite different from others. In this particular journey, you might stay in the same freezing temperatures and experience the warmth of your better half. Such an experience would be pleasant for the couples residing in huge metropolitans, as they would be able to take in some fresh air. The region's flora and animals are remarkably diversified. The noises of distant animals and nocturnal critters may be heard from the wild areas at night. You may simply schedule such activities if they are included in your travel packages.