When is the Best Time of Year to Dive in the Seychelles?

April-May and October-November are the calm periods in terms of winds and when the water temperature can rise to 29ºC with a visibility of up to 30 metres.

In December -January, the north-west winds blow with relatively the same conditions as in the calm periods, however a greater surface movement and some localised turbidity can be experienced.

From May-September the south-easterly winds blow leading to a decrease in visibility and water temperature to around 25°C.

What types of dives are available in the Seychelles?
The Inner Islands of the Seychelles Archipelago offers amazing granite reef dives where it is common to see rocks covered with soft corals and sponges, and a multitude of fish life.

Diving in a ship wreck is available in some areas but wall dives, drop-off dives and drift diving opportunities are only available on the islands to the south of the archipelago.

The outer island dives offer a rich and varied diving experience with everything from mini-walls and canyons to migrating Manta Rays, numerous wreck sites and some of the finest Gorgonian fans and other coral life.

What will I be able to see when I dive in the Seychelles?
Butterfly fish , Angel fish, Soldier fish, Squirrel fish and Sweepers are among the fruitful marine life enjoyed on the shallow inshore reefs of the inner island. The islands reefs are also home to Octopus and Spiny Lobsters but to name a few.

Wherever a regular current flows, fan corals and other colourful tree coral formations are available while more remote sites shelter the larger fish species, such as the Napoleon Wrasse, Giant Grouper, Reef Sharks and Ribbon-tailed Stingrays.

When can I see Whale Sharks?
The peak sighting periods of August and October through to January are when the plankton eating whale sharks can be seen in the Seychelles.

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