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What to Expect When Traveling to Southeast Asia

Beautiful beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, and amazing nightlife are a few of the many reasons that make Southeast Asia one of the favorite destinations on the list of globetrotters. A trip to Southeast Asia is always affordable, and you could save a lot more by booking  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand packages with a reputable travel company. The destination is sure to surprise you in many ways, and there’s a possibility that you might want to spend a couple of days in Southeast Asia every year. Let’s look at what to expect when you will be traveling to this exotic part of the world.


Ditch the guidebook warnings and indulge in a sinful eating experience at roadside eateries. The food will be good and really affordable. Do not opt for western food because it might not be as authentic as you expected and will be expensive too. Try honey chicken in Malaysia, Massaman curry in Thailand and baguettes in Vietnam.

Getting Around

Transportation is affordable in Southeast Asia. Most of the areas are connected through trains and buses that ply in a large number. If you have to travel a long distance, book a seat in sleeper train. Rail transportation is common in Thailand and Malaysia.


There’s no dearth of affordable yet decent accommodation in Southeast Asia. A dorm will cost you anywhere between $2-5 in Cambodia and Laos, $6-13 in Thailand, $8-10 in Indonesia and $5-8 in Vietnam. An air-conditioned private room will cost around $15-20 per night and a budget hotel will be priced between $10-20 per night.


All that you need to bring to Southeast Asia is a wallet with 2 debit/credit cards and around $200 in cash. You don’t need traveler's cheques, local currency or prepaid cards. There are many ATMs that accept foreign cards. The bank will levy some charge on every transaction, so try to withdraw more amount at once to pay a minimum fee.

Wrapping Up

When planning a trip to Southeast Asia, try to cover as many destinations as possible. Traveling in a bus could take a lot of time, so it is recommended to either book train or flight tickets in advance. It is better to take Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour packages from Ahmedabad or any other city so that you don’t have to get into the hassle of arranging flights and accommodation as well as local transport. This way, you will have a comfortable and more enjoyable trip to Southeast Asia.

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