Wayanad in India's Kerala State Is Home to an Amazing Variety of Flora & Fauna

The northern part of Kerala state in south India is a favorite with travelers, especially those who love nature in its purest, raw form, covered as it is with a canopy of dense forestland in which variety of indigenous species lives. My friends and I set out on a trip to Wayanad a few weeks back. Our tour package to Kerala included a detailed tour of Wayanad from one of the state's most popular tour operators, Garlic Holidays. The package was exceptional -  we were taken to some popular spots of Wayanad including dense forests, waterfalls, and caves. Here are some of the highlights.


Neelimala Viewpoint

Located in the southeastern region of Wayanad, reached easily from Sultan Bathery and Kalpetta, this the viewpoint atop this lush green hill is phenomenal, offering a clear, beautiful view of the valley and even the mesmerizing Meenmutty falls. This is a "must visit."


Meenmutty Waterfalls

A great number of honeymooners come here to experience the beauty of these serene waterfalls, one of Kerala's most romantic spots, and quite close to Neelimala Viewpoint, near the route connecting Wayanad and Ooty. They drop from a height of 300 meters - the highest waterfalls in Wayanad - in three stages of falls amidst a spread of greenery and are quite a sight. Don't miss experiencing a wonder!


Pakshi Pathalam

In the middle of the forest situated in the undulating Brahmigiri Hills at an altitude of about 1,700 meters, this bird sanctuary with a large number of massive rocks and boulders is also home to a number of large caves as well as diverse plants with great medicinal value. It's a bit of a hike, however; you must first reach Manathavady after a 7-kilometre trek through the forest stretch which starts from Thirunelli. You also need to request permission from the Divisional Forest Office of North Wayanad.


Chembra Peak

In south of the region near Meppadi, 2,100-metre Chembra is the highest peak in Wayanad, and I would still recommend you to make the three-hour hike as it will leave unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. As you climb up higher and higher, you will be able to see the wild beauty of Wayanad and you'll find yourself feeling you can touch the azure sky.


Banasura Sagar Dam

India's largest earth dam, Banasura Sagar is located on the Kabini River in the southwestern part of Wayanad. You can also get a very close view of the Karalad Lake from here, go boating on it, and also go trekking to nearby Banasura Peak. A group of islands has been formed as a result of the nearby areas being submerged by the reservoir.

Agricultural Bounty

Finally, Wayanad is a famous hub of a variety of flavorsome spices such as cinammn, star anise, tamerind, and ginger. Many other products like bamboo, coffee, herbal medicines, and honey are also local specialties; make sure you buy them on your next trip to Wayanad!

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