Watch Alaskan bear from close in Katmai national park

Dark-colored bears are identity of Alaska that has been home to more than 90 percent of bears in the USA. Weights around 200-500 pounds the dark brown bars are commonly bigger than grizzlies since they have progressively bottomless nourishment supplies.

The best time to sight bear in Alaska is from May to December. Bear torus in Alaska are accessible by boat, seaplane and a jeep. Bear viewing tours in Alaska are accompanied by a guide and team of wild forest rangers for your safety.

The Alaskan Bear Tours

Many popular Alaskan bear viewing tours like Katmai bear viewing tours offer a great bear viewing experience. The Alaskan bear viewing tours are not only popular among the tourists but also among many ecologists and nature experts.

You can choose from half-day to multi-day boat tours that go through Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park which are known for bears. Here you can easily spot a dark bear. Besides bear, you can also spot otters, seals, walrus, birds, and whales.

The Alaskan Bear Tours offers packages that incorporate medium-term facilities at its hotel close to the Lake Clark National Park. Visitors can use the lodges as a base for exploring bears while staying in comfort as good as home.

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