You might have a feeling that Vietnam is a bit too far and too much of an "adventure" destination to bring your kids, especially if they're young. But these days at least that's definitely not so. Your entire family will love the cultural experience as well as the beaches, history, and ecotourism this fascinating Southeast Asian country has to offer, and  here are five reasons why your entire family will feel comfortable and welcome here:


It's Quite Safe

The Vietnam War was a long time ago, and in recent years this country has been tranquil and stable, with low crime and a friendly population imbued with the peaceful values of their majority religion, Buddhism. Even in large, busy cities like capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), visitors can roam the streets until late at night without concern about street crime (the often busy traffic, on the other hand, is something you'll want to watch out for!).

Furthermore, Vietnam is also very safe from a health standpoint. Investment in public health is strong, with high local awareness of hygiene, and risk from tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue is very low even in remote areas. It's also worth noting that as of this writing, Vietnam can also boast of one of the world's best records in controlling coronavirus/COVID-19, with just a few hundred infections and no deaths.

Incidentally, Vietnam also boasts excellent transportation options, comparable to many other Asian countries, though motorbikes and environment-friendly bicycles and motorbikes quite popular. This is especially true as it relates to visitors, since many tour operators have upgraded their transportation options to meet growing market demand.


The Food Is Tasty & Healthy

Vietnamese cuisine has become well known in many areas of the world, of course, thanks to the immigrants of the country's diaspora but also its own flavorful appeal - which most visitors to the country in fact praise as one of its top attractions.  Using the freshest ingredient available in season, the local food is light, healthy, and easy easy to digest. It's also exotic enough to be an interesting adventure in eating, yet using many familiar ingredients that won't freak your kids out, including veggies, chicken, pork, beef, and fish.

Though same country but there is variation in food and its cooking ways. The variation in the cuisine provides your kids more opportunities to try different flavours. In Hanoi, kids can enjoy pho - classic Vietnamese noodle soup, fresh rice noodles in a five spice broth with tender sliced beef. In the south they can enjoy Vietnamese pancake, a rice-starch base crepe with egg, prawns, pork, and beans sprout fried in a wok. In Hoi An, it is cao lau, a very typical dish of thick brown noodles  serve in a big bowl with some marinated, stewed pork, rice crackers, and local herbs.



A Variety of Interesting Destinations

Thanks to its location and special geography and geology, plus its length (over 2,000 kilomters from it northernmost southernmost point), the country has so much to offer, with great landscapes of mountains to the sea, from cities to the countryside, from a sleepy maritime village to an aerial city viewpoint atop a 70-floor tower, the white sand beaches with varieties of water sports to opportunities for culture discovery with friendly local hosts, Vietnam boasts an ideal destination for family with kids.

Lots of Fun Activities

The country offers great variety of interesting places to visit and kid friendly activities for fun. From embarking on a light walk traversing the rice terraces on Sapa mountain, visiting and interacting with local ethnic minority families and children; kayaking in Halong Bay; exploring caves; having a hand at cooking class with parents; or swimming at sunny idyllic beaches; and enjoying the scenic river cruise in Mekong Delta.

Vietnamese Are Friendly, Hospitable, and Love Children

Throughout Vietnam from north to south, your kids and your beloved ones would feel being welcomed wherever they travel to in Vietnam especially through the rural countryside.The Vietnamese are intrinsically friendly as well as part of a culture that loves and respects children. An old Vietnames proverb says, "It's better to have lots of children than to have lots of material goods."


The Weather Is Generally Quite Moderate

As mentioned above, Vietnam is a rather long country so the weather and temperature varies from north to south. But in general, its weather is not too hot, nor too cold; though the country's location is in within the tropical zone (and the south is typically warm throughout the year), but a significant portion lies north of the equator ranging into the temperate zone, meaning that temperatures tend to be more moderate than other countries with similar tropical-zone conditions. It also has highland areas with refreshing temperatures.


Have the above top five reasons convinced you enough to travel to Vietnam with your kids yet? Let our travel experts assist you more tailoring a special trip to Vietnam with your kids! Click here to get more assistance for an amazing tour across Vietnam, or check out our Vietnam tours for more information.


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