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Eco-Tastic Boat Rides in Trang An, Vietnam


If you love natural scenery, biodiversity in forest reserve forests, or are an avid nature photographer life, don’t miss the precious chance to immerse into wonderland with Ninh Binh boat ride.

1. Trang An boat ride:

Considered the on-land equivalent of Ha Long Bay, Trang An is has calm waters, graceful green surroundings, and spectacular caves, and antique temples, all navigated by boat along sparkling emerald rivers. Under towering limestone cliffs covered in lush rainforests, floating on the calming river, we will contemplate breathtaking views and tranquil, serene atmosphere.

2. Tam Coc boat ride

With natural area about 350 ha, Tam Coc is totally worth visiting by pristine, majestic beauty of mountains, rivers and forests. Following the call of nature, we will harmonize with gentle rhythm of poetic Ngo Dong river, contemplate hanging-down stalactites in various shape. The transparency of water, with various-shape mountains, creates a perfect harmony, a precious gift which nature gives us.

3. Thung Nang (Sun valley)

Immersing in a far-flung space of sunny valley as its name, we will have the feeling of touching sunlight and tasting pastoral flavor like rice paddy and gentle wind. On the road to Thung Nang, there is an antique temple named Voi, a hundred-year with stone architecture carved subtly and elaborately.

4. Van Long Natural Reserve:

Stretching out 3500 ha, Van Long is the largest drowning natural reserve on land in Northern Vietnam plain. This place is famous for pristine landscape, wonderful and romantic views, and importantly high biodiversity. That’s why Van Long Natural Reserve got attention of the well-established director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, to record monumental scenes in the blockbuster Kong.

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