In Vietnam, Try Cà Phê Trứng - Vietnamese Egg Coffee!

Are you are a real fan of coffee, looking to try all types everywhere you visit? Personally, I've never been keen on drinking on the sutff because I can't stand its bitter flavor. However, Vietnamese egg coffee is an exception. I love its perfect fusion between the sweetness and bitterness. Unlike regular Western-style coffee, locals in Hanoi - epicenter of Vietnam's coffee culture - decades ago created their own version, mixing in eggs along with condensed milk into coffee to form a perfect match. 

Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in the 19th century by the French colonists, and it increasingly becames a strong coffee exporter, with many plantations in the central highlands. To tackle the limitations of fresh milk, the French and Vietnamese started to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roasted coffee. And egg coffee was invented in the 1940s when a bartender called Nguyen Van Giang in at what is today Hanoi's Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel whisked egg yolks into the coffees he prepared when he couldn’t find fresh milk.

You can enjoy egg coffee with a spoon to drink the coffee through the egg topping or mix everything together. You can try Vietnamese egg coffee through the egg topping or mix it all together. Sitting with a cup of coffee and enjoying the spectacular sightseeing around is really a perfect experience for locals as well as foreign visitors.

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