Unspoiled indulgence with Luxury Adventure Holidays

This vacation will connect you with mother nature, the enjoyment you can find under one roof positioned on four walls or gratification you will attain while rowing your yacht.  Consider planning for luxury adventure holidays in the lap of nature in a jungle to encounter the wilderness. The amusement linked in watching elephants roam free and leopards lying under sparkling sky embellished with the stars and waking up to hear the chirping of colourful birds is beyond comparison and a once in a lifetime experience. If you truly wish to spend few days in the raw, then get ready for a taste of real pleasure and crudeness on a jungle safari.

Here are some interesting luxury adventure holidays ideas, enjoy the true jungle life.

Kenya Safari holidays

East Africa is a region well known for its extraordinary natural beauty. Kenya has a lot to show and enjoy, visitors are only too happy to take the pleasure to discover this authentic country from mountains, deserts, colourful tribal culture, beaches and coral reefs, and of course Africa’s best wildlife attractions motivating many to plan for Kenyan Safari holidays. In fact, Kenya is miniature of the whole Africa in its wildlife diversity. Kenya safaris have been the pillar of Kenya’s tourism for decades. There are several Kenyan parks, like Tsavo National Park, are amongst best places in Africa to get a glimpse of lions, elephants, leopards and the famous wildebeest migration.

Luxury adventure holidays in Kenya will let you witness new and never seen birds in one of the top five bird-watching destinations in the world. You can also splurge in the outdoor activities such as trekking the glacial ridges of Mt Kenya, ballooning over the Masai Mara, snorkeling at the Marine National Park in Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast to suffice your enthusiasm and desire for adventure.

Exploring the unexplored with helicopter Safari

Plan romantic safari holidays by flying with your loved one and taking to the air of unknown destinations. Gaze down from thousands of feet in at the jungles of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Democratic of Congo. The love will perpetuate on romantic safari holidays when you and your soul mate spend time together exploring the wonderful and remote mountains, valleys, forests and deserts.

Get lost in the moment while your pilot flies through the highest and lowest of the continent letting discover amazing sights of the Savannah plains, deserts, dunes, tropical forest, snow embraced mountains, lakes full of flamingos and Indian Ocean islands. Undoubtedly, you will come across several frames that can be frozen in your camera for your aerial photography needs. Build memories which will last forever.

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