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“Luxury is at hand, but difficult to catch and impossible to retain. It passes, it moves, it lives, it is a feeling, an emotion: An exclusive experience that shall imprint the memory. Emotion is the quintessence of Luxury.”- UltraViolet

UltraViolet by Paul Pairet

It is 6:30 pm, a van with tinted windows picks you up in a secretly disclosed meeting point and takes you who knows where. Something feels off, you arrive in a big concrete factory with no decoration, no sign of civilization; fear and imagination start playing their roles. You are with a group of people, a total of 10, and none of you know what is really going on. Not what you initially expected from a top rated restaurant. Laughter and uncertainty mix in the conversations, the group is lead into a room, a white room with a table in the middle, no decorations, no windows, just plain white walls and black ceilings with lights, confusion is taken to a higher notch, and then the show begins.

UltraViolet is one of those restaurants where it is impossible to feel indifference. Whether it is the food, the ambiance, or everything together it is literally impossible to leave this restaurant with a “Well..it was alright” affirmation coming from your lips.

Chef Paul Pairet, former star of Paris’s Cafe Mosaic, Shanghai’s Jade on 36 and Mr and Mrs Bund, conceived this project in 2012 after 15 years in the making as a space where emotion is the leading dish of an exclusive 22 meal course served only for 10 people every night.

Through the play of what they call Psycho-taste, which is “everything about the taste except the taste” guests experience a series of sounds, lights, smells and feelings, all as an extended expression of the exquisite meal that is served.


Check out this great report by Jonah M. Kessel for The Telegraph to have a better idea of what the universe of UltraViolet is really all about.



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