Tunisia - Fab Beaches, Fascinating Deserts, Intriguing Ruins

Tunisia, North Africa is a hospitable country where you'll find people who do not skimp on paying attention to visitors at every turn. Their Berber roots are what have taught them that a good cup of tea cheers up and relaxes the weariest of travelers. But in addition, Tunisia has excellent beaches of white sand and transparent waters; a mild climate; green valleys full of flowers; charming oases with refreshing palm groves; golden sand dunes; delicious dates; captivating handcrafts; and exciting excursions across an immense desert, in which you can feel the most complete silence.

Every Muslim city or town has at least one mosque, public baths and a souk. These three elements constitute the nucleus of Tunisian life. The souk, which is usually divided into sections according to the various craft groups, is mainly set up around the mosque, branching out through all the narrow streets and adjacent courtyards. The hammams, also known as Turkish baths, are another of the most characteristic features of Tunisia.

On the edge of the desert, southern Tunisia is wrapped in ocher land and golden sand from which fortified towns emerge, among the mountainous slopes, still demonstrating their magnificent past splendor. An ocean of dunes full of pink and orange tones as far as the eyes can see on the horizon, where were an enormous red sun slowly falls. There, in the sandy waves of growing shadows, almost like Chinese shadows, the silhouette of a dromedary caravan reveals the only presence of life in this mineral universe.

As if it were the prow of a boat, Tunisia sticks out into the Mediterranean in the extreme north of Africa. Bordered with beaches, on the edges of which urbanizations dedicated to tourism and vacations have been created, the Tunisian coasts offer a great and varied setting in which to relax, have fun with friends and disconnect. The coastlines of Djerba, with its 125 kilometers of coastline, and Hammamet, Tunisia’s tourist center par excellence, which boasts a marina, two golf courses and two medinas, are famous.

What more could you ask for?


Don’t miss: the best fish on the bay is served at Le Barberousse restaurant. It is a very pleasant restaurant on the high part of the medina wall of Hammamet. The views over the bay are spectacular.  The impeccable service and the quality and freshness of the fish and seafood are undeniable.


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