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Traveling with Kids: Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

When you’re going on holiday or any other road trip with your family, you want the car you drive to be in the best possible shape. In these situations, you begin wondering if you should rent a car instead of driving your own. If you can’t decide between these two options, take a look at these things you should consider before travelling anywhere.

The condition of your car

The first thing you need to do before going on any trip is check the condition your car is in. Make sure your tires are in good shape and that the tread on them is deep enough, . Furthermore, don’t forget to take a look at your spare tire. It should be replaced at least every ten years or so, which is something you should bear in mind, since you might depend on it in case anything goes sideways. The state of your engine and your car battery are also something that you should inspect, as well as your oil level and the windshield wipers. However, the best thing you can do is to take your car to a licensed mechanic, who can also check your car for any other problems. On the other hand, if you choose to rent a car, you don’t have to think about all these things. Rental companies have an obligation to rent you a car in good condition, which means that they will be the ones to worry about car inspection, and not you.


The next thing to consider before packing your family up and going anywhere is the comfort. If you’re going on a long trip and your car isn’t spacious enough, it could turn into a disaster. This means not being able to move at all for hours at a time, which can be very uncomfortable and can make your children frustrated and nervous throughout the trip. Whining children and a crowded car don’t really add to a relaxed and cheerful trip, so you’ll probably want to avoid that. The good thing is that there are some great cheap car hire options available for you if your car isn’t big enough for your family, all your baggage and maybe even a pet. The vehicles you can choose from go from compact cars to full-size SUVs and wagons. You even have the opportunity to rent a mini bus, which is an excellent solution for big families, but also if you want some of your friends or relatives to travel with you. In case of a disabled driver, there is even the option of renting a car with hand-controlled break and acceleration system, which can mean the world to some people.


When it comes to cost, driving your own car is probably a better option, but only if you know that it won’t fail you. If your car in fact breaks down, it might be very costly to have it tolled and fixed. You might even end up paying for a motel if it can’t be repaired right away, but
is even worse than the money you’ll spend. This could be far less upsetting if you rent a car. In case there is a problem with the car you’ve rented, the rental agency will replace your car with another one at no additional cost. Plus, think about your car’s fuel efficiency. When travelling long distances, a more economic rental can pay for itself if your car isn’t really fuel-efficient. And when it comes to insurance, most personal car insurances cover any cars you might rent as well, so make an inquiry with your insurance company to see where you stand. One thing you should be careful about, though, are possible hidden fees of the rental agencies. For example, if you don’t refuel the car before returning it, they might be some unexpected charges. Similarly, if you rent a car for a whole week, but then want to return it after two or three days, your daily rate might increase, so be sure to ask about these things before signing anything.



The age of your car can also be an issue. The older a vehicle is, the higher the chance of a failure, which can be an important factor when deciding between your own car and a rental. When you have the people that you love the most in a car and you know you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road,
their safety is your top priority. Plus, if a problem occurs with your car and makes your drive longer than you originally planned, it will leave you and your family less time to enjoy your vacation. If your car is one of the latest models and it’s low on mileage, you should be fine. However, if your car is eight years old or older, or its mileage is over 120,000, renting a newer model might be a good idea. New cars are always more reliable than older models, not to mention more comfortable and often safer.

All you want is for your vacation to go as smoothly as possible and for your family to have fun. So, weigh all your pros and cons and find the best solution to cover all your wants and needs.

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