Traveling Nha Trang to explore fabulous undersea world

Being voted as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang possesses two well-known attractions as Tri Nguyen Aquarium and Hon Mun Marine ParkTri Nguyen Aquarium is a tourist area with various marine fauna and flora system, while Hon Mun Marine Park is an ideal stopover to dive and discover interesting things under the seabed. These two attractions are places where visitors and researchers can find the most diverse marine system. Let’s make your exploration of the charming bay and fabulous undersea world reachable by booking flights to Nha Trang with AloTrip – the best prices will be guarenteed.

Towards the south, about 2km from Nha Trang beach, Tri Nguyen Aquarium is situated in Tri Nguyen Island. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to explore the seabed with a diverse marine creature system such as sharks, coral reefs, sea turtle, sea horse, and sea anemones... In addition, tourists can visit other islands, join in camping, fishing, and drop by Nha Trang fishing village... Entering Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nha Trang, tourists seem to be lured into a palace under the sea with strange but attractive marine creatures. There some species of fish that you will never know and see if not coming here. For example, male sea horses get pregnant and give births, elegant Japanese carp, Napoleon plaice, or Picasso fish... Here is a miniature of the ocean.

There are two types of fish lakes here: outdoor and indoor, the former is bigger than the latter. Indoor lake is the home to small species of fish which is expensive than bigger ones. They are aquarium fish with unique colors. The most featured lake in Tri Nguyen Aquarium is the Third Lake. Meanwhile, most tourists, especially children prefer the Fourth Lake where they can see many species of fishing under the water. In Nha Trang tours to the aquarium, tourists also have a chance to visit an opencast aquarium and take part in fishing for leisure.

Not far from Tri Nguyen Aquarium, there is a beautiful beach called Bai Soi (Pebble Beach). Unlike other beaches in Nha Trang, Bai Soi does not white sandy fields, but pebbles fields running to the coastal. Bai Soi Beach remains intact with a striking beauty. Behind, it is a primitive beach with many old trees and various plants. Here is an ideal place to make camps overnight and enjoy exciting activities. From here, there are tours taking visitors to islands in Nha Trang and pop in Nha Trang fishing village to taste delicious local dishes.

Nha Trang is not just famous for wonderful turquoise water beaches, but also impressive with island tours, especially tours to Hon Mun Island, about 45 minutes traveling by cano from the main land. Hon Mun Island Nha Trang is an amazing pictursque natural scenery with a series of other smaller islands such as Hon Mieu Island, Hon Tre Island, Hon Cau Island, Hon Vung Island, Hon Rom Island, and Hon Ngoc Island... Beaches in Hon Mun is characterized by clear turquoise waters all year round.

The island is also famous for Hon Mun Marine Park – the most important and largest scale reserve in Vietnam. The park possesses the most diverse coral reefs in Vietnam with up to 1500 species. Coming here, tourists have a chance to choose some options of diving to admire the undersea world. The simplest way is diving with goggles and the fins. By this way, tourists can wandering along the coastal area, contemplate the beautiful world of coral and aquarium fish near the bank. Tourists can get on boat at any time they want. Another way is diving with a scuba to move deeper the seabed and “communicate” with various marine creatures. With a water-proof flashlight, you will have the opportuinity to see living things in the dark. It is no doubt that you will not want to come back to your boat when joining the “exploration”.

Visiting Tri Nguyen Aquarium and diving in Hon Mun Marin Park are two most interesting things to do in Nha Trang. Not just having a chance to admire the natural diversity of the wonderful bay, but also experience great times when luring into the marine world. What are you thinking to end your summer vacation now? Why not travel Nha Trang and try these wonderful experiences.

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