Tips for Travelling with Your Vaping Equipment

With the popularity of electronic cigarettes continuing to grow, many people who like to vape and also like to travel are unaware of some of the issues in combining the two. Here a several to keep in mind:

Air Travel

If you are flying, you'd be advised to check the rules and regulations of a specific airline beforehand; nearly all now have mention of e-cigarettes on their websites (U.S. residents should also check the TSA website), and some might be stricter than others. In general, though, e-cigarettes are allowed in airports and on airplanes, but using them is prohibited. As far as getting carry-on bags through security checkpoints is concerned, vaping fluids are treated the same as other liquids; the maximum volume per container is 3.4 ounces and have to be packed in see-through quart-sized containers. Devices such as liquid pods only carry 1.5 ml, which is ideal for transport.

Note that lithium batteries are an exception in checked luggage; you can only take them with you in your carry-on luggage. An advice here is to ensure that they remain in the device, or you could put them in their proper casing. For this case, the TSA states that individuals may travel with dry batteries in their carry-on or checked luggage. However, with the Federal Aviation Administration prohibiting loose batteries from being transported in the checked luggage, the advice holds. A disadvantage is that you are also not allowed to charge your batteries on the plane and you have to wait till you reach your destination; alternatively you could make sure you charge your vape mod beforehand.

Mechanical Mods

Make sure that you remove their batteries when you travel. This is because unlike electronic devices, these do not have safety features that prevent overly long puffs. As such, a poorly carried mechanical mod may be a cause of e-cigarette battery fire. Besides, if a mechanical mod is packed wrongly, and the fire button is held down, the device continues to fire until the battery overheats or dies. You would not want accidents, so have caution.

Local Laws

Try to learn about laws relating to vaping in your destination. In addition to prohibiting vaping, like smoking, in many places, some countries such as Denmark, Finland, Japan, and Norway have banned the domestic sale of e-liquid containing nicotine. So if you're traveling to such a destination, you'll definitely want to make sure you bring enough fluid to last your entire trip.

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