Travel to Singapore: Tips for a New Start After Overcoming Drug Addiction

If you have just recovered from drug addiction, finding positive steps to take in life is very important. Some people go back to their previous lives while others prefer a totally new venture altogether. Rehabilitation centers teach people how to stay fit through active lifestyles or engaging in voluntary social work. People with various talents like singing, playing musical instruments and creating art among other things find a lot of nurturing in the processing of healing. If people can see a rehab center as a turning point, their lives become transformed.

Singapore has excellent rehabilitation centers in which families can enroll their family members whether they are locals or foreigners. Alternatively, people can move to Singapore to start a new life after overcoming a drug addiction. The beauty of this option is that the Lion Island state has a plethora of activities in which a person can participate to add value to their lives.

Drug Rehab in Singapore

Being a developed country, Singapore offers some of the best rehabilitation centers. They are spread all over the state, but the majority are outside the CBD to provide a serene recovery environment. They accept patients from within and outside the country and enroll them in appropriate programs. Here are some of the services and benefits of these facilities.

Outpatient – if the addiction is not as intense, a person could opt for an outpatient program while still participating in other activities in life like a job, business or going to school. In addition to seeing a psychologist and taking the necessary medication, outpatient drug addicts also access sharing classes, talent nurturing centers and fitness facilities.

Inpatient programs – for acute drug addiction, a person may be admitted for close observation and treatment. Singapore has some of the best boarding facilities for all drugs addicts. The programs focus on making a positive impact on the individual’s life while eliminating the urge to use drugs.

These inpatients usually receive treatment from experienced psychologists and experts in drug addiction cases. One of the best programs involves sharing with others who have also experienced addiction and are now starting a new life. They encourage those who have just joined and help them adapt to the new environment. Drug addiction patients also get to learn various skills depending on their talents and capabilities.

If someone has moved to Singapore after overcoming drug addiction, there are many things the person can do to start a new life. The country does not discriminate against recovering people but evaluates their capability to contribute.

Getting a Job

Whether you are a foreigner or a citizen of Singapore who has just recovered from drug use, you can apply for a job either in the government or private sector. Your education level, prior experience and skills you have gained in a rehabilitation center will help you get a job in Singapore.

If your recovery happened in your home country and you now want to move to Singapore, an agent will assist you in settling down quickly. Visa Express can easily help you obtain all the necessary travel documents or a work permit to Singapore. Business people who need an EntrePass and travel tips should also use such reputable agencies.

Starting a Business

Singapore is a country with excellent business opportunities for all people. Recovered drugs addicts from within or outside Singapore have the opportunity to start a small business here. The first step is to conduct market research and understand which businesses do well in Singapore. If you have a talent like art, it is better to start a business in that area. For those who gained their skills in rehabilitation centers, it is easy to operate a business in the same field based on what you have learned.

Youths may fail to have the capital to start new businesses. However, Singapore has various options for funding small businesses with a focus on enabling growth for its citizens and a strong economy. It is easy to get a grant from the government, join an angel investor program or obtain a loan depending on the qualifications that you have.


Soon after recovering from drug addiction, one can decide to tour the world. Make Singapore one of your destinations. Even if you have just relocated to this country to settle down, you can start your stay with a tour of the country. There are many things to enjoy in the country as a recovering drug addict and numerous opportunities to learn as you interact with people.

First, the beaches are tranquil and serene for anyone who wants to reflect on life and plan the future. Thus, booking a room in one of the beach resorts will help the recovering addict relax and even recover more fully. Traveling to interact with different cultures in Singapore will help you to appreciate diversity and even find various ideas with which to start a new life. Apart from these, why not enjoy the numerous tourist attraction sites in the country?

Attend a School

Any young person who wants to start a new life after overcoming drug addiction can attend a college or university in Singapore. They offer different programs with international recognition. The best part is that the drug abuse rate is very low. Therefore, a person is less likely to be influenced to revert to old habits. Drugs are also not easily available in the country. This makes it a perfect environment for a student who has just recovered from drugs.

Engage in Social Work

Those who have recovered from drug addiction in Singapore can start a new life by helping other people through volunteering with social work. After the process, recovered people feel obliged to tell others why they should not become involved with drugs in the first place. Singapore has various social work programs under the government or NGO programs. They are willing to accommodate those who have recovered from drugs and can help others.


Overcoming a drug addiction is a big achievement that should not go unnoticed. What a person does after recovering from the addiction matters a lot. It should be something positive and active. Other people engage in sports and fitness activities, which are very important. In fact, one can join a team that has a set program for exercises and training. From the above insights, it is clear that Singapore has one of the best environments to start a new life after overcoming a drug addiction.

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