Welcome to India - the fastest growing part of the world in terms of tourism. India is a place that has a perfect blend of architectural beauty, natural wonders, holy pilgrimages, enchanting wildlife and exciting adventure sports. Moreover, theme based tours are again best enjoyed here in India only.

Behind the startling veneer of Delhi's poverty-stricken streets littered with cows, traffic jams and heart-wrenching beggars is a city rich in cultural diversity, intriguing architecture and great food. Old Delhi is the place to find the most adventure wandering its labyrinthine streets and gawking at its ancient temples and colourful bazaars. New Delhi, by contrast, is a land of gleaming skyscrapers and broad orderly boulevards


Kolkata (Calcutta)
India’s third-largest city is a seething metropolis on the rise. The capital of West Bengal is a fascinating city to explore for its crumbling British colonial architecture, chaotic markets and heady community of artists, writers and political activists. If you can handle the snarling traffic, suffocating pollution and depth of poverty you will find many hidden treasures in this culture-heavy Indian city.

Mumbai (Bombay)
The home of Bollywood is everything you’d expect it to be. Shopping malls featuring the latest fashions rise out of a surprisingly Victorian cityscape dotted with green parks, some of the most interesting street life in India, and an incredible array of traditional bazaars. Head down to Chowpatty beach on the Arabian Sea to and watch families enjoying a day off, or catch a cricket match at the legendary Oval Maiden grounds. This is modern India at its finest.


Chennai formerly known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It was one of the earliest British settlements in India and the site of Fort St. George- the British administrative seat. Chennai has long associations with various European powers and presents an interesting mixture of European and Dravidian culture.

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