6 Essential Travel-Safety Products for Women Traveling Solo


More women are seeing the world solo these days than ever before - and by far the majority happily and without incident.  But in some countries (and you'll very much want to research which ones before you depart) crime is sadly an issue, and especially for females. Fortunately, in addition to common-sense precautions, investing in a handful of travel safety products
for both your belongings and your person can help you to explore the world with security and peace of mind. In addition, I would highly recommend taking a quick course - there are some that will take just two weekend days of your time - in the basics of self defense. And of course, these products (and a self-defense class, for that matter) are just as recommendable for men, even though they tend to be less vulnerable than women.

A Smart Padlock - Conventional padlocks for your stuff are fine, but for truly foolproof security, consider the new generation of padlocks that instead of opening with keys - a no-brainer for an experienced thief to pick, plus keys are very loseable - are accessed via passcode, smartphone, or even fingerprint. Plus some of them even store a record of any foiled attempts to access them. They're somewhat more expensive that plain old traditional padlocks, but for some, the peace of mind gained will be well worth it.

A Supplemental Door Lock - Depending on where you're traveling and in what class of accommodation - particularly if it's budget level - supplementing the standard (and not uncommonly flimsy) hotel-room door locks its an excellent idea. Such locks take a variety of forms at a variety of price points, but any additional protection from break-ins is, again, well worth it.

A GPS Tracker - This can be a very good option to let your loved ones back home (or someone traveling with you but apart from you at the moment) know where you are - especially if something goes wrong, such as a kidnapping. You can get a discreetly hidden one for your person as well as one for your rental vehicle. And some will additionally call for help, such as the Safelet bracelet, which when triggered alerts those you have designated as "guardians" that you're in trouble.

A Personal Alarm - If you have the misfortune to actually be attacked, your first line of defense should be an alarm you carry with you. One press of a button or pull of a tab and a loud, piercing noise that will both scare off attackers and attract attention. Many come on keychains, while some may be worn as pendants or other jewelry (the latter is probably preferable, since they will likely be more easily accessible than a keychain in a pocket or purse).

Pepper Spray - If an alarm proves insufficient, it's time to get more proactive, and this item is fairly self-explanatory: a tried-and-true basic tool to ward off muggers and rapists.

A Small Knife - This may seem alarming to some of you, but if you're looking for a self defense tool beyond pepper spray and you can handle it, showing a weapon (even if you don't use it) can be enough to deter and attacker. Remember, they're looking for a soft target, not one who might fight back. (Don't forget, of course, that when flying this  must be packed in checked luggage - do not try to carry a knife in your carry-on bag.)

If you'd like to know more regarding safety while traveling, please place a comment below or send a message to my profile!

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