It Makes Us More Social

Even when you're traveling solo, this is an endeavor which is essentially a social enterprise. When we travel, we always have polite conversations, make new friends, and test existing ones. People are generally curious to know new people - especially in small rural areas - and eager to speak with them. The travel community is designed to build up quickly in the common rooms of hostels, where young travelers from all over the world meet.

Sure, you can have little conversations, but after literally having the same conversation with everyone you meet (where they come from, where they go, how long have they been on the road), you learn quickly ask important information questions - that really help you get to know someone. The ability to have short conversations and deep conversations (sometimes in a foreign language) is a real skill that carries all aspects of life.

It Puts our Lives in Perspective

While traveling, we see corners of the world that are completely different from ours. These differences can be social, cultural, natural, or economic, but regardless, they often allow us to see our lives from a new perspective. Both for better and worse. Some cultures are content to live on very little, which can make our lives at home and seem extravagant and materialistic. While others seem to enjoy an even better attitude toward living. Of course, some people experience traveling as just a way of confirming their own prejudices and misconceptions, but if we're open minded we can take back lessons to guide us in life.

It Challenges Us

Some humans are content with their lot in life, but by and large it is not in our nature as a species to sit back and simply accept things as they are. By making the first fire, humans are constantly looking for the "next thing"; improving out lot; looking for the edges "decidedly filled with dragons" of the world; landing men on the moon; and so on.

But for those of us who are not astronauts, seeing the world is essentially our moonshots. When we travel, (unless the destination is prefabricated like Disney World or Las Vegas) we may find ourselves coming up against challenging (and sometimes not the safest) situations, but immersing ourselves in a new and unfamiliar environment lets us examines our limits and ourselves. Travel can be the ultimate "truth or dare" on a physical, emotional and personal level, showing us what we are made of, when things are difficult or inconvenient, or even completely different from what we were doing.

It's Can be Good for our Health

Getting us out of our comfort zones, learning to cope with new environments, challenging ourselves to turn off our phones and research new experiences, and helping us develop our understanding of ourselves are all reasons that travel Why is this good? Our health. Whatever your motivation for booking your next trip, you will always get huge mental and physical benefits. You will understand yourself better by overcoming challenges and you will literally improve your health by traveling for miles through new cities, climbing mountain peaks, and diving cliffs into crystal clear waters. Or just unwinding and letting go of the health-undermining stresses of your regular life.

It Helps Us Appreciate Home

A variation on putting things in perspective: For all the amazing adventures and landscapes you can experience on the road, Are like little things. Seedless grapes are preferred.

You will quickly realize that your relationships with people are your most precious asset and you will feel immense gratitude for the support system in your life. There's nothing like spending a vacation in another country, seeing other family units and communities together, doing nothing to bring your family home!

Traveling helps us to feel better because we are more willing to receive many lessons from the world, regardless of their size or shape. It helps, like wowessays.com to write to us, to recognize our shared humanity with others and to eliminate fear or misunderstandings. After all, it's more fun to love the world than to be afraid of it.

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