India is the dream destination of travelers around the world. A country of many mesmerizing and historic monuments that are famous and admired by all over the world, every year India attracts a lot of tourists. Amongst them, the Taj Mahal is like the crown jewel shining brightly in the city of Agra. One can never afford to go wrong when it comes to visiting the Taj Mahal; so, you got to have a perfect sunrise Taj Mahal tour planned ahead of you.


Planning a tour is not an easy task and when it involves a foreign country and city, it becomes even more a tedious job. Stressing over how long the trip needs to be and what bookings need to be done in advance, really take the fun out of most of the tour. Worry no more, as here is the article especially for you to help make your own same day Agra tour with all the fun spots and destinations.


Agra has various options and facilities on almost everything that can fit into either a low-cost budget or even a high-end Taj Mahal tour by car. The tips and suggestions that I have shared here about traveling to the City of Taj would help you feel more comfortable about traveling to India for the first time.

Major destinations you need to cover

#1 Taj Mahal at sunrise

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in the loving memory of her wife Mumtaj Mahal, to show the world his undying love. The white mausoleum built with intricate designs and jali patterns is a beauty to behold that overwhelms anyone who set his eyes upon this breath-taking scenic view. The serene Yamuna River flowing by and beautiful Mughal gardens laid out surrounding the Taj make the whole atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale.

What if I told you there is something even better than the views at the Taj Mahal? Believe me when I say that witnessing Taj Mahal at sunrise surpasses anything beyond extraordinary ever. Witness the beauty that is Taj Mahal in the soft rays of sunrise and colorful hues spreading over Taj. Sunrise Taj Mahal tour itself makes all your travel a complete success.

With the Taj Mahal tour by car, reach the Taj complex early at around 5.30 am to save time by avoiding long ques and overbearing traffic. In the soft cool breeze of early morning, explore the Taj Mahal with much less crowd and without the fear of strangers photobombing your photographs.


#2 Agra Fort

 Agra fort is another beautiful, must-visit spot of your Same Day Agra Tour by car. They call it the beacon of Mughal Emperor’s pride, culture and grandeur during their apex time. Agra Fort is a fun stop for those who are fascinated by historic forts and their architecture. While still being dazed by Taj Mahal, sunrise Taj Mahal tour amazes you with the master architectural feat that is Agra Fort.


 Agra Fort is about 15 minutes’ drive from the Taj Mahal. One simply cannot afford to miss the Agra Fort when in the historical city of Agra. Same day Agra tour takes you into the historical era of the Mughals and their royal lifestyle, offering great views of the overwhelming facades and mighty minarets.


If you are into academia and all sorts of curiosity about history, in the Taj Mahal tour by car you can learn about the mind-blowing and genius defense systems and traps of Agra Fort developed during its time. For that, I would suggest to take up a guided tour with a professional guide at sunrise Taj Mahal tour.



#1 Reliable Transportation

To enjoy all the destinations and have enough to spend at each spot, having a reliable and good transportation service is very important. Also, it’s better to have pre-bookings and information about your pick-up and drop-off points when traveling to a new city. You can save a great amount of time by avoiding wandering to unknown locations and haggling taxis for reasonable rates. To make the trip fun and less tiresome, it’s important to have good transportation at your Taj Mahal tour by car.
To get Sunrise Taj Mahal tour, you need to have an early start and pick-up to catch that early morning Taj Mahal view and for that make pre-bookings of car and a professional driver.

By hiring professional drivers and air-conditioned cars you save a lot of energy on the Taj Mahal tour by car which you can invest in enjoying the sightseeing and make the whole road trip through Agra as comfortable as possible. 

#2 Remain Hydrated and Happy

When traveling to new places, you can’t forget the most important deal of the trip and that is food and water! And especially, if you are visiting Agra in summers, it’s crucial to remain cool in the hot atmosphere of Agra to enjoy the same day Agra tour. Battle the hot weather of Agra easily by having air-conditioned transports and being hydrated. Carry fruits and water bottles with you while visiting monuments and enjoy them with a full stomach and happy smiles.

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