Tour to Kerala surpassing the traveler’s expectation

The enthralling state of India Kerala is a religious place to the people of different religions and ethnicities. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others all are living here in harmony and pray in their respective religious centers. This is what which connects Kerala from one’s heart to another’s heart.

Some popular Kerala pilgrimage centers are as:

Kerala temple

Sabrimala Temple:

Dotted in the Sahyadri ranges, on the Western Ghats, Sabrimala is one of the well known pilgrimage place of Kerala. Pilgrims across the world come here to seek the holy blessings of the Lords. This temple has a statue of the Lord Ayyappan, the amalgamation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. Devotees coming Sabrimala has to wear black clothes and are told to follow a strict period of fasting before visiting the temple. It is considered that on an auspicious day an angelic light is seen on the nearby hill that is considered the presence of Ayyappan.

Guruvayoor Temple:

The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna; Guruvayoor is the most popular Hindu shrine amongst the other holy shrine of Kerala. A millions of pilgrims visits here to fulfill their wishes and to seek blessings. People visiting here give expensive gifts to the temple when all their wishes are solved. The architectural design of this temple is also a good option to watch.

St Francis Church:

This church was built in the year1510 by the Portuguese settlers; this religious structure is a very prominent pilgrim center for the pilgrims of Catholic religion. Situated in Cochin this church is also prominent from the historical way. It is the exact spot where the dead body of Vasco Da Gama was kept before it was taken by Portuguese back to Portugal.
Kerala tourism destinations

Cheraman Juma Masjid:

This religious center is situated in the Methala Village of Kodungalloor in the Thrissur district. It was built in AD 629. According to the legend it is the first mosque that was built in Asia. However the population of Muslim followers is not so much in Kerala, yet it is one of the most prominent spot of worship in Kerala for the Muslims.

Tour to Kerala is one of the most desirable tours of India where you have a chance to explore the various culture and tradition of Kerala. Apart from the natural beauty this magnificent state of India gives a lesson to maintain the brotherhood and love of the country for which it is famous.

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