There are a lot of parks to see ample wildlife in India, but some parks definitely have an edge over the others as far as tiger sighting is concerned. Here are the top few national parks in India where the chances of spotting the big cat are higher, but then, at the same time one should remember that the animal is quite elusive.

1.    Corbett National park: This was established by the legendary hunter Jim Corbett in 1936 and was the first national park to be established in India. The park covers a huge area and is divided into five zones. It has a large population of animals as well as birds and about 20 tigers per hundred square kilometer of the reserve. Corbett resorts are quite luxurious and accommodation can be comfortably booked online. Safaris can be arranged directly through the staff/ travel desk at the resorts in Corbett.

2.    Kanha National park: Kanha National park in Madhya Pradesh is home to a lot of endangered species, including the tiger. The park is located 160 kms south east of Jabalpur. The tiger sightings are most popular in the premium Kanha core zone.

3.    Bandhavgarh National park: Bandhavgarh, also in Madhaya Pradesh, is famous for its landscape and its high concentration of tigers. The park has dense green valleys and rocky hills and a large array of wildlife including sloths, bears, leopards, jackals and deer.

4.    Ranthambore National park: Inside the park is a 10th-century fort, therefore the park is a blend of history and nature. It has a dense range of flora and fauna, including the tiger. It is situated between the Vindhya plateau and the Aravalli hills in the state of Rajasthan, 450 kms south west of Delhi.

5.    Sunderbans National park: It’s a fascinating mangrove jungle which is the only one of its kind in the world. The park has three wildlife sanctuaries which are full of reptiles, birds and other animals like monkeys, wild boar and deer. It’s a tiger reserve but the sightings of a tiger are rare as they remain hidden in the reserve. The park is located in the state of west Bengal, 130 kms south east of Kolkata.    

Though the entire above mentioned are famous tiger reserves, but the chances of sighting a tiger are definitely high in Corbett. Another advantage of going to Corbett is that there are a lot of luxurious resorts in Corbett national park and therefore, even if the tiger is not sighted, the stay itself is quite enjoyable.

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