How beautiful to imagine yourself in a camp locates in a glorious camp surrounded by beautiful environs. Singing and romancing on cold nights sitting around the fireside, staring on the stars in silent surroundings listening to the sounds of little creatures, basking on the lavish mattress, all that makes you dream to discover what camping in the glorious destinations of the world means. Morocco was the first place where I got the idea to experience the difference of international "glamping" - a style of camping with  amenities and in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with traditional camping - and here's a look at that and a half dozen other marvelous destinations in which to have this wonderful experience of nature mixed with culture. 

Glamping in the Sahara Desert of Morocco

We reached Merzouga in the evening and got a room booked so easily because of our friends there. The tiring travel made us sleep as soon as we got into beds and woke up in the morning after a good sleep. Breakfast in the sunny Sahara was great, but trekking on camels around when the sun get some cool near 5 pm was the best experience we could have been there. I still recall the fun moments passed with a dog there named Rossie. And we loved the delicious Moroccan cuisine was served. Get more
recommendations for Morocco desert experiences as well as beaches here.

Days and Nights in Big Sur, California

This is a rugged, mountainous section of California's central coast famed for its dramatic scenery is a delight for exploring and spending nights in a luxurious safari-style tent and having a beautiful sleep on the soft silk cushions in the mild chill. Lighting a fire at night, sitting on warm cushions, singing songs, and telling stories is one of the more romantic experiences you can have in life. That was my honeymoon trip, and it provided precious, unforgettable  moments with my partner to start a beautiful new life together.

Zion National Park, Utah

Imagine for a minute how lovely: dramatic slot canyons, sandstone formations, natural brdges, and plummeting vertical walls, while the cool Virgin River burbles along and gracious waterfalls soothe refreshingly. Pitching a luxurious tent here and experiencing all this was a dream trip for my partner and me.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

We had one of our most relaxing and well thought out experiences ever along this lovely stretch of the east coast of the North Island, waking up early in the morning on our plush mattress and fluffy pillows in a luxury tent to the sounds of nature - sweet chirping birds and water flowing in the distance. At nigh we would lay in each other's arms, gazing at the stars and talking - dreamy!

British Columbia's Sunshine Coast

Another romantic wonder just northwest of Vancouver and reachable only by ferry, it's another lovely area for relaxing and reducing stress, with lovely forests andmyriad outdoor activiities - hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, mountain biking, rocking climbing, and more - as well as charming small communities with fine shops, galleries, cafés, and restaurants.

Philipsburg, Montana

Located in eastern Montana several hours north of Yellowstone National Park, the county seat of Granite County still has the charm of the 19th-century silver mining town it once was, surrounded by forests, lakes, and mountains. Stay in an Old-West-style teepee or covered wagon!

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

On the banks of the Zambezi River, the Sausage Tree Camp provides an environment of "bush chic" but also chances to spot wildlife such as elephants, hippos, water buffalo, eagles, lions, and leopards. A truly magical eco experience with your significant other!

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