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Top 5 Reasons for Going in an Outing

Picnicking or outing can be a great socialising activity. From playing outdoor sports to spending the night in a campfire, a fun-filled outing paints an ideal environment to catch up with a myriad of entertainment activities with. An outing offers way more than a buffet of delicious food and good music.

The modern-day resorts staffed with the latest amenities emerged as excellent outing spots. They are excellent holiday destination near Kolkata where you can enjoy soul-satisfy outings.

Here is how outings can help: 

  • Excellent Stress Reliever: The radiant rays of the sun, unadulterated air, and breath-taking views can do wonders to your mental space. Outings with friends and family have excellent healing powers. It refreshes the mind and kicks away stress. An enchanting day encircled by a calm and soothing ambience is the best way to combat stress. Engaging with new people and talking about fresh topics can refresh the soul.
  • Remain Positive: A vast majority of us spend most of our valuable time sitting in an office cubicle. This demanding work-life snatches away the opportunity of taking part in any type of physical activities. An outing provides the perfect opportunity to stretch muscles. Mini-games such as tug-of-war or musical chairs can be the best way to engage in physical games. Playing casual games in a picnic or an outing can serve as a relaxing exercise which has numerous health benefits attached to it such as improved blood circulation.
  • Better Bonding: Outings are not a new concept. Even in our school days, we have participated in various outings and picnics. Not just in schools and colleges, even at work, a corporate outing is a very common concept. A day free of deadlines and boss’s yelling is a welcome addition. A day spent in a beautiful setting is a great way to know more about your families, friends, relatives, and office colleagues. It helps you to socialise and come close to people. This improves bonding. This is why corporate companies rely on corporate outings for team building events.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Several studies suggest that people feel more motivated after an outing. And it comes as no surprise to see maximum productivity right after an outing. The simple reason behind this is the myriads of physical and mental benefits attached to an outing. A day spent breathing fresh air has some positive impacts on the cardiovascular system. It makes you feel confident and remains motivated. This is why outing is so necessary for ensuring a healthy lifestyle.
  • Entertainment: One of the biggest reasons for going to an outing is to get out of the trap of the regular schedule. Be it fishing with kids or chilling in the waters of a swimming pool, there are so many ways to get some entertainment. Located away from the rush and designed with special amenities, modern resorts provide great entertainment values and this is why is very popular when it comes to day outing.

What are the best places for a picnic near Kolkata?

Looking to spend a memorable time with your near and dear ones in Kolkata?

The answer is simple. The modern-day resorts in Kolkata.

Kolkata is one of the most populated cities in the country. And the first thing to do is to find a resort that is far from the daily hustles. The resorts near Kolkata certainly tick this box.

Located far away from the constant city rush and the claustrophobic city atmosphere and nestled in the middle of tranquil landscapes, these resorts guarantee a date with nature by providing the perfect setting for a vacation.

From the clean waters of the swimming pool to adventure activities, these resorts are the perfect vacation or outing destination. You can even engage in a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities such as Zipline, Fishing, Trampoline, Zorbing, Zoomering, Rifle shooting, Friendship Ladder, Kayaking, and more.  The surrounding greenery also hosts some vibrant species of birds and is certainly good news for bird-lovers.

The food served here also deserves a special mention. You can pamper your appetite with lip-smacking Thai, Indian, and continental cuisines. Furthermore, you can head to the pub and dance in the tunes of the tracks played by DJ. You can also enjoy premium alcoholic beverages and bid adieu to daily stress.

Dressed with modern amenities and pampered by tranquillity, the serene setting of the resorts will make you fall in love with outings. The big and comfy rooms are decorated with artistic decor and modern furniture that promises luxury.

So, wait no more, treat your tiring grey cells with a breath of fresh air go for an outing with near and dear ones. A splendid day in the lap of nature is waiting for you.

Visit a resort and fulfil your outing dreams in the best possible way.

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