7 Tips for Traveling With Friends

For a trip between friends does not turn into a bust, several things should be taken into account, including budget management, organization of trips or activities for children if there are any. And to paraphrase the old stiff-upper-lip British phrase: stay calm and have fun!  Here are another seven things to keep in mind:

Consider Renting a House

From an economic point of view, you will definitely be a winner and quieter than at the hotel or at the campsite. Try to find a spacious place with enough bathrooms and bedrooms so that everyone can keep a minimum of privacy. 


Stay on the Same Wavelength for Activities
If you want to enjoy your holidays to rest, it is better to avoid going with friends who are keen on hiking .Do not hesitate to talk to your loved ones to make the point on the type of holiday that everyone considering. 

Create a Money Kitty
With friends, talking money is not always good. Nevertheless, for this type of holiday, you have no choice. Divide your expenses evenly so that no discomfort occurs during your stay. Prepare for example a notebook where you will keep records of expenses and who's responsible for what.


Manage Responsibility
If you choose the hotel, the question of chores does not arise. On the other hand, in a house, the organization of household chores is essential. Same system as for the kitty: develop a schedule where you will notice who has to shop, prepare meals or clean the bathroom for that day of the week. If you want to fully enjoy your holidays, you can also hire a housekeeper for the duration of your stay. 


Occupy the Kids
If you have children, try to go with other parents. The youngsters will be able to take care of each other so that adults don't have to spend all their own time occupied with them. Make a corner for organizing their games, and a dining table reserved for them alone so they can also enjoy their stay. 


Make Compromises
To spend a pleasant stay and satisfy everyone, it is better sometimes to let go of the ballast. Show interest in the tastes and interests of your firends. Organize some group outings to share activities, such as sightseeing tours or walks. Of course, do not force everyone to participate, On vacation, everyone is free to choose. 


Don't Spend Your Entire Holiday Together

If you can, set aside some of your holiday for yourself alone. If, despite our advice, your stay doesn't work out as well as hoped. For the first time with a group, plan a stay of one week, or even ten days at the most. 


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