Tips to prevent some Bizarre travel Situations

Everyone loves to travel but the thought that hits our mind every now is that what if the trip doesn’t go according to plan? Sometimes no matter how hard we try, things are thrown off which sets off anxiety, panic and annoyance. But the good part is that these problems are avoidable at best and manageable at worst. So, set your mind at rest because this blog aims to provide a smart handful of tips on how to cope if things go wrong.

Lose your luggage

If you can’t find your baggage on the conveyor belt be patient don’t be troubled and ease your mind by telling oneself that the longer your luggage is lost, the greater compensation the airline will provide. This is one of the most common mishaps that every savvy traveler encounter at least for once in a life. In order to avoid such situations label your bag with your name and put something recognizable on it to highlight that this bag belongs to you merely. Carry all your valuables in your hand luggage and be sure that the person assigns the correct destination tag to your suitcase.

Lose your Passport

Even the thought of losing your passport can turn your dream trip into a nightmare. Make sure you have a copy of your passport in the hand carry 24/7 and do carry a couple of passport size photos with you. This will help you if your passport gets lost. And don’t forget to inform your travel insurance company they’ll definitely cover the cost of your lost passport.

Wallet is stolen

Be aware of those fellow tourists asking if you can take their photos or guide them to a nearby location. It might be possible that these requests for help are often a cover for so-called distraction crimes. That person might be planning of relieving you of your phone, wallet or passport. In other words, be cautious if such situations occur. Keep a decoy wallet with some local currency to dodge the robber. Keep all your valuables like cards and cash in different places to avoid those stranger’s wandering hands.

Protect your Hire Cars

One of the most common complaints that we hear and observe customers being charged for a damaged hire car they didn’t do it. This mostly happens when you can’t find the right car parks and just land the vehicles wherever you find the place. Firstly, protect your hard-earned savings by checking the car thoroughly. Secondly, rent out your parking space without shedding off plenty of pounds by making just park  your next port of call. Lastly, while doing so don’t forget to utilize Just Park promo code from Top Vouchers Code to keep the costs of your parking lots down.

Hotel, a Big Disappointment

What if you find yourself in a room with peeling wallpaper, hairs on the bathroom floor and bed sheets that haven’t changed since the 80s, it feels horrible, right? In such an unfortunate position speak to your travel representative or the hotel manager to offer you another room or an upgrade. If alternatives are not provided immediately click pictures and videos to claim your money back.

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