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Tips to find out the best Ground Handling Service Provider

Airport ramp operations are very complicated. Ground handlers must organize a lot of activity within a confined area, around a very expensive airplane, in a short period. Precision delivery and security rely on how well the various fragments of the ground handling people work together. Unfortunately,

Ground handling events continue to raise worldwide, rising in injuries to personnel and destruction to aircraft and property.


JBS has years of experience in supporting efficient, smooth and reliable ground operations to its clients. Together, we will:


  • Help you to defeat Ground handling incidents.
  • Improve the use, and indeed, ill-usage of vehicles in air side areas that have commenced to major operational disruption at busy airports.
  • Establish security cultures and appropriately implemented and applied safety organization systems.
  • Achieve compliance to assure safe, legal and proficient operations.
  • Embed the concept of constant improvement in your execution to achieve operational excellence.


JBS is the biggest individual Iranian Ground Handling Company. It aims to be the foremost Ground Handling Service provider in the country. Iran Ground handling services comprise all the services an aircraft needs throughout the period it waits on the ground in Iran.


Why hire us:

You should hire Jet Business Solutions team because we offer:


Highest Quality in comparison to other firms

We respond to the request of customers' satisfaction with a comprehensive variety of services that fulfill with stringently clear standards and quality norms. This means that when JBS looks after your ground handling requirements, you will always benefit from the identical high quality and standards of service.


Maximum Reliability

Our Ground handling performance indicates directly on passenger perception of the quality and dependability of an airline. It can make the differentiation between a satisfied passenger who will fly with the airline over and over again and a dis-satisfied one who will prefer another carrier for his next flight. Efficient and reliable ground handling can also produce the difference between a profitable on-time takeoff and a loss-making delay.


Full Customer Dedication

Because we know that our service reveals Airlines image, we handle everything with absolute care, effectiveness and professionalism. Passenger confidence, assurance, and comfort are our main concerns.


Highest Cost Effectiveness

Cautious, on-time handling Services make us rank higher in the potential market. Our service agents are well trained in their special line of services to assure maximum revenue potential. Get in touch with us today for your aviation services needs and we will help you out. 

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