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Tips for Responsible Travelling in Nepal

When we visit beautiful places it’s natural to want our holidays to have positive impacts on local people and their more environments. Responsible travel is about more authentic holiday experiences that enable you to get a little bit more back to destinations and local people.

All holiday have positive and negative impact locally. Responsible travel maximizes the benefits, and minimizes the negative effects of tourism.

  • Plan your route to minimize carbon emission-travel by train and public transport where possible, and minimize internal fights. Minimize flying time and stopovers- the worst carbon emissions are emitted during take off and landing. That way the money is invested in carbon reducing initiatives around the world, offsetting the emissions caused by yours flight.
  • Ask to see the tour operator’s policy for responsible tourism. All responsible members have to have one. Make sure it explains how they minimize the local economy.
  • Read up on local culture and learn a few words of the local language travelling with respect earn your respect.
  • Remove all excess packaging- waste disposal is difficult in remote places and developing countries.Ask your tour operators for specific tips for responsible travel in your destination.

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