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Tipping Guidelines - Notes for Other Countries

I'm often asked what the tipping guidelines are in other countries. I would like to say to use the guidelines that we use here in the U.S. The truth is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Every country has different guidelines. Some places a few dollars may be fine or a couple of dollars. In other places, a few dollars may get snubbed.

The purpose of a tip is to express appreciation for a service also called a gratuity. One question always asked is in the case of all-inclusive properties. It is a good idea to look at the property facts sheet to identify exactly what is included in the travel package. If gratuities are included, you are not obliged to tip. However, it is common that guests use their discretion at giving an extra tip to staff who has provided outstanding service.

The Americas


Restaurants gratuities not included 15-20%
Hotels -Concierge $10-$20 per favor
-Porters $1-$2 per bag
- Housekeepers $2-$5 per day
Guides and Drivers 15% of the cost of the excursion
Taxi Drivers 10-15%


All-inclusive-tips are generally already added in at 15%
Above and beyond service- extra doesn't hurt

Restaurants-outside the resort 15-20%
Hotels-Concierge $20-$25 per favor
-Bell Boys a few dollars per bag
-Maids $20 per week's work
-Butler $50
Guides and Drivers-$25 Guide, $10 Driver
Taxi-ask what the cost of trip will be and tip 20%

Dollars are excepted unless French Caribbean which uses Euro

Charter Boats - Service Charge is included-above and beyond you can tip more
Spa Treatments 15-20%

South Pacific- Policy of No Tipping
**They have Christmas Fund Jars**

Restaurant- up to 20%
Porters- won't hold their hands out. Give face to face, leave at front desk, or at trip's end or they won't take it
Cleaning Staff- the same as above

Butlers-$5-$10 per day
Spa Treatments 15%
Private Picnic 10%

Show courtesy by using local currency

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