Things to Check when Booking an International Holiday Package

Holidaying in an exotic and scenic location can be a refreshing way to break out of the everyday mundane and rejuvenate your senses. Away from the hustle and bustle of the maddening city crowd, a holiday in an isolated and serene location can provide you all the alone time you need to contemplate life. If you are planning a holiday, consider buying an international holiday package by a reputable operator who will arrange everything from tickets to accommodations and guided tours. Operators provide different types of international holiday packages according to customer needs and budget and some even customize their package according to customer specifications. To get your money’s worth, you must know what your international holiday package includes and excludes. To help, the post lists some things to check when booking one. Take a look.

1. Look for the number of “view” and “see” Stops

In common usage, view and see essentially mean the same thing, however, in tour operator lingo, these two terms may have an entirely different meaning. Most tour operators use the word see to denote spots through which the tour bus will drive by, whereas, view in most cases means a short trip. Guided tour are provided only when it is specifically mentioned in the package, which is why it is a good idea to enquire the operator about the number of view and see stops.

2. Learn Whether the Package Includes Guided or Orientation Tours

Guided tours, as the name suggests, include tour guides and has stops. Orientation tours do not include guides and the group members are free to explore the place of interest on their own. To make their international holiday package appealing to different types of travelers, many tour operators maintain a mix of guided and orientation tours.


3. Number of Cities and Countries Covered

To get your money’s worth, opt for a package that covers the most number of cities or countries (if you are planning a holiday in Europe), however, stay clear of operators that cram in the maximum number of cities or countries in a package. Avoid packages that include a tour of two or more countries in the same day.  

4. List of Inclusions and Exclusions

When booking an international holiday package, take a look at the taxes, visa fees, coach tours and insurance costs. Enquire whether meals are included in the package and if you would have to pay the mandatory tip, porterage, transfer and entrance fees, and the cost of suggested tours out of pocket. Many operators cut costs by including limited number of items in their menu, which is why it is a good idea to check the list of items on the menu.


Opting for a tour package can cost 20-30 percent less than DIY trips. To get the most out of your holiday package, check these things before booking one. To get a fair idea about the tour duration, reduce two days from the total number of days in the package.

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