The Untold Secret of Vacation Loans: Easy Travels

Vacations can provide a number of wonderful experiences, but unfortunately financing travel can be difficult and the average vacation cost can be high. However, getting a travel loan, even with bad credit, is possible. A vacation loan is a personal loan used for travel. Personal loans are unsecured loans that can be used for a number of different reasons, including travel. With these loans, you can borrow up to $40,000 with an interest rate of five to 36 percent. Personal loans can be offered in different terms from one to seven years and will have fixed monthly payments.

Why Use a Personal Loan for Travel

While it’s recommended to pay for a vacation with saved cash, that can’t always be the case with the average vacation cost. This is why travel finance is available. When you use a personal loan for travel, it will allow you to go on the trip you need. Saving up for travel may not always be easy and you may need to travel quickly if you are going to a wedding or a funeral. A vacation loan is a much better alternative to adding the travel to credit cards. Personal loans will give you a fixed amount to work into your budget every month and the interest rates on credit cards can be high. Credit cards also don’t set a limit on spending beyond your normal credit limit, so it can be easy to overspend.

Getting Vacation Loans with Bad Credit

The only way to get vacation loans with bad credit is through an online lender. You do need to be diligent in your research when using a personal loan to travel. Keep in mind that your interest rate is likely to be higher and there could be fine print. If you do a good job of making your payments on time for your personal loan, you will be able to improve your credit.


Using Credit Cards and a Personal Loan for Travel

Credit cards may come with high interest rates, but they do have some benefits, such as rewards points and insurance. One approach to using a personal loan for travel is by booking the travel on the credit cards and using them while away and then consolidating debt into a personal loan once you are back home. If you are going to do this strategy, be sure to organize your personal loan before the start of your vacation so you aren’t caught off guard trying to get approval. You don’t want to run up credit card debt to find out when you get back home that you won’t be approved. Approval of a loan will last for up to 60 days, as long as circumstances haven’t changed.

How to Get a Vacation Loan for Travel

You can get a personal loan for travel from an online lender, banks or credit unions, or short term loan lenders. Lenders may have a few restrictions on quick cash loans, but generally these ones don’t. The interest rate for a vacation loan will depend on some different factors. These factors include your debt-to-income ratio and credit score. Lenders can also ask for employment history during the process. They can also ask you to fill out information related to level of education. Lenders want to look at this information to help with your application. This will be especially important if you don’t have the best credit score or a thin credit history.

Other Ways to Save for Travel

There are different ways to save for travel and you should take a look at your monthly spending. You could be surprised to find that there is up to $200 a month in unnecessary spending you could be putting toward a vacation. When planning a trip, look at your travel budget closely. You will likely already know the cost of the airfare and hotel expenses, but there could be a lot of extra associated costs, such as eating out. Incorporate paying tax into your budget. Travel taxes can be high. Be sure to search for flight and hotel deals. If you don't have a specific location in mind, you may be able to find better deals.


When you use a personal loan for travel, it’s one way to pay for the vacation of a lifetime. With cash loans, bad credit doesn’t have to be a hindrance as long as you do your research and find an online lender that is willing to work with you. Be sure to read the fine print and pay back the loan on time.

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