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by Jorge Duarte

On the banks of the lagoon Mother of God in North Pacuare, Limón, I heard the most perfect concert without paying high prices for a spot, VIP area or wrestle with the crowds, just 4 hours from San José (boat transportation included). For some it was a mere biological phenomenon, but for me it was music. This truly wonderful event: the sonic perfection produced by anurans (the order of frogs and toads) at Lirio Lodge and its natural harmony in the region. 

Solitary and poisonous tenors, baritones of sticky feet, rhythmic duets with huge eyes, choirs of sopranos and countertenor horny colors with impressive power make their presentation every night. Music in the lagoon, on the ground and above the trees. The human mind isn't capable of processing too much natural data at the same time, so many species manifesting such impressive sounds of these frog species transmit information to their fellows (researchers have found that these sounds, mainly emitted by males, provide information about their species, sex, fitness, body size, an intentions).  

We also know from science that these vocalizations are often used to attract mates, reject coupling, or defend territory. Through the virgin forest of Boca Pacuare, lacking the feathers of birds, the fur of monkeys, and the scales of alligator or snakes, these are the naked singers of the jungle - active at night and camouflage by day. 

These ecological interactions - what I call natural music - have the advantage that they are quickly transferred over considerable distances without visual contact between sender and receiver, so communication can be performed even in the dense forest and darkness. In the area you will find red-eyed leaf frog (Agalychnis callidryas), Bufo toad (Bufo haematiticus), common tink frog (Elatherobctylus haylaeformis), swamp frog (Tlalocohyla loquax), Caribbean striped poison dart frog (Phyllobatus vittatus), spaufferi frog (Scinax spaufferi), hourglass tree frog (Dendropsophus ebraccata).

Hosted at the Lirio Lodge, you can enjoy this magnificent concert, it's easy to get yourself insignificant as a human compared with the Nature’s perfection, the immensity of its lush green landscape, located in a strategic position, surrounded by natural canals, lagoons, beaches and rainforest, the lodge boasts activity naturally at every moment: the area is breathtaking, rich in biodiversity, both aquatic and terrestrial, hundreds of species can be seen (and heard) without any effort. The frogs sing freely without being interrupted by the noises of man.

Boca del Rio Pacuare offers a wide variety of educational travel programs and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. 

An excellent destination for sustainable travel in Costa Rica is Lirio Lodge by Boca del Rio Pacuare in Limon,Costa Rica.

The environmentally-friendly Costa Rica Eco Tend Camp offers two-day-one-night, with boat and hiking tours, lodging, all meals and roundtrip transport from San Jose.



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