By Irina

Sailing in Croatia.

Do you remember the famous Eastern aphorism "Be careful with your wishes–sometimes they come true"? That is how I was going to entitle this story. However, today we will speak about sailing in Croatia, Croatian cities, islands, and people.

For some time, my dearest served in the navy. From time to time, he told me romantic stories about the sea, dolphins, sailing, and the wind blowing in your face. So, what would you give such a man on his birthday–yet another wrist watch or new mobile phone? I chose a sailing trip.

He had never been to Croatia, a country of numerous islands and the purest Adriatic Sea. It could well be the best area in Europe for sailing or yachting. Moreover, the architecture of the old cities bears the imprint of former Venetian domination which makes your presence onshore so pleasant. What a great idea for our travel blog! Read more...

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