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Every year, the whales that live close to the Antarctic waters of Chile make a trip of over 8,000 kilometers to the Pacific coast of Colombia to give birth and rear their whale calves. The best time to see them is between July and October, although they start to arrive in June. You can see them throughout the Pacific coast. Sometimes the whales come so close to the shore that they can be seen from the beach or from the viewpoints in the hills.

Some of the most recommendable sites to see these magnificent mammals are Bahía Solano and El Velle, with vantage points to watch the whales playing in front of the coast. Gorgona island, to the southwest of Buenaventura, offers the possibility of diving with them.

The Caribbean coast has genuinely incredible locations for diving, but the Pacific coast offers a very different experience. The visibility is somewhat lower, while in contrast, the quantity and size of the marine fauna is spectacular. On the Caribbean coast, San Andrés y Providencia, a traditional destination for Caribbean diving, with excellent visibility, wonderful coral reefs and varied marine fauna truly stands out. You can also visit Taranga and Cartagena, which offer good diving prospects not too far from the city. The Rosario Islands, famous for diving, have warm streams of waters which have damaged the reef to a certain degree and so dives are not as good as the once were.

On the Pacific coast, Gorgona Island also offers good diving and, in the whale spotting season, you can see these great creatures beneath the waves. In Playa Huína you can dive close to Bahía Solano, where a ship which survived the attack at Pearl Harbor sank, creating an artificial reef.


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