The "Avenue of Stars" in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars, TST Kowloon
I have NEVER been a fan of Avenue of Stars and believe it or not the Avenue of Stars is the 2nd most visited attraction in Hong Kong (The Peak is no. 1) so I decided a more thorough visit on my part was warranted.

Guess what, I still have not changed my mind, I am still not a fan.

This time round I took a lot more pictures and actually walked the whole route which basically ends at the Bruce Lee statue.

So why don’t I like it...

  • Unless you are a fan of Chinese Cinema most of the “stars” will be unknown to you with the exception of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and John Woo.
  • You can wait ages trying to get a picture of Bruce Lee by himself without a gazillion other tourists posing in front of him. (The statue!)


  • As walks go it is way too long.


  • You are exposed to the elements, in summer the blazing sun and high humidity make it a challenge to walk the entire route and if it rains you no longer have the option of popping to the New World Shopping Centre which is being demolished.
  • It is tacky.
  • It begins and ends with a large souvenir shop.
  • Trust me, when you finish at the Statue of Bruce Lee, you are basically at TST East and the thought of walking back to the start of the Avenue of Stars does not appeal in 33oC heat, 90% humidity and a blazing sun, like I said, it is way too long.

Funnily enough I think there is hope for it but I doubt my suggestions would be taken seriously

  • add a mini Madame Tussaud Waxworks devoted to Hong Kong Cinema, at Madame Tussauds in the Peak Tower at the Peak, there is a really eerie model of Bruce Lee outside the entrance, even I have succumbed to having my picture taken with him
  • they should really add a statue of Chuck Norris next to the Bruce Lee Statue, the Way of the Dragon fight between these 2 cultural icons is still a movie classic.

Anyway, I have said enough, this is one of those attractions that thrills and irritates at the same time. So ignore me, walk the route and have that picture taken next to the Bruce Lee Statue.

Jamie Lloyd

Personal Walking Tours of Hong Kong

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