The Accidental Roaming Fee: Is it Possible to Avoid?

We all know how hurtful those roaming fees can be, but we don't usually notice until we get the phone bill after traveling. Most travelers nowadays rely on their mobile devices to keep them up to date, especially while being abroad. Here some insightful data: according to the Traveler's Road to Decision 2011, the internet remains the leading source for travel planning information in the US. Additionally, it was found that 85% of travelers used the internet as a travel planning source, and 78% was the number for business travelers. (Interested in more numbers? Click here). The numbers here are very interesting, although a bit more of info would be helpful. I still question myself, these 85% used the internet as a travel planning source, but, before actually starting the trip? What about during the trip? Well, let's see. The study also revealed that the use of mobile phones for travel info is growing significantly year on year; 51% among business travelers and 27% among personal travelers. Again, 'travel info', before the trip or during the trip? Here a bit of clarification, the study shows that 84% people reported to use phones during traveling for location purposes for example, researching local activities and researching destination information. Thanks new media trend watch for such useful info.

Now we can focus on asking ourselves what these people do to avoid roaming fees, assuming they want to avoid them. It could be possible that for business travelers their companies are the ones responsable for the bill, right? Please someone answer. Now, for those who travel out of the business realm, they are 100% responsible for their fees, and how many times has happened that they get the big surprise once their wonderful trip has ended. Solutions on how to avoid roaming fees can be found everywhere. They go from turning off data, 3G, etc, but if someone texts you or calls you, you're charged anyway. I have also read about the local SIM card, a bit naive in regards to this topic, but anyway it makes me think, what about those whose phones don't have a SIM card? Another 'solution' is to rent a local phone. Really? and my contacts? and my apps? and all the info I have in my phone to help me survive? Now, you all know we have the solution to this problem, right? We'd love to hear what you have to say about it, especially after all the questions we have without answers. :)

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