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Whether you´re going to the Canary Islands on a family holiday or en tete a tete with your loved one, here is a list of the best restaurants in Tenerife both parties can enjoy. Canarian food is known to be remarkable. Many chefs from all over the world travel there just to feed the needs of picky tourists who consider food as one of the fine pleasures of life. We saved the best for last. So keep reading trough this list to find out where Tenerife’s best restaurants is.

If you´re planning to visit other islands as well, we´ve also got a list of the top 15 Lanzarote restaurants. 

10: Los Roques, a Romantic Restaurant in Los Abrigos (3.5/5)

Thank you @drillinjourneys for sharing this image from Los Roques with us – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

This is definitely one of the very best not only in the Canary Islands but also in Spain – it was voted one of Spain’s top 10 fine dining destinations. Set in a romantic atmosphere, this restaurant in Los Abrigos serves sophisticated, modern international cuisine with an interesting balance of local flavours. It has a great selection of wine and a wonderful view overlooking the village’s small fishing harbour.

: Finish with the “Palta” dessert – an exquisite avocado and lime sorbet on an almond biscuit with a thyme scent white chocolate sauce.

  • Atmosphere: suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 13:00-16:00 and 19:00-00:00, Tuesday to Saturday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 74 94 01
  • Address: Calle La Marina, 16, Los Abrigos
  • Website:


#9: Portofino, A Must-Try Costa Adeje Restaurant (3.6/5)

With many renowned resident chefs on the island, it isn’t surprising that one of the top 10 Tenerife restaurants specializes in Italian food. Portofino restaurant has the best of Mediterranean cuisine on its extensive menu. From fresh pasta, exquisite mozzarella to oven-cooked pizzas, every member of the family is sure to find their favourite Italian dish.

Tip: Don’t miss out on the live cooking show happening every night!

  • Atmosphere: Suitable for both families and couples
  • Opening hours: 19:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 71 33 35
  • Address: Hotel Iberostar Anthelia, Calle Londres, 15, Costa Adeje
  • Website:


#8: The Oriental Monkey, the Best in Playa de las Américas (3.8/5)

Thank you @vanesacabeza for sharing with us this image of the cool 3D table projections at The Oriental Monkey – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

Voted as a top Canary Island international restaurant
, it is headed by award-winning chef Nacho Hernández. The menu offers gourmet Asian-inspired dishes such as tuna tataki and smoked eggplant with coucous. The décor is exotic with 3D projections of pink butterflies flying across your table as well as swimming fish that continuously change in shape and colour. This is definitely one of the most entertaining culinary experiences you can have in a Tenerife restaurant!

Tip: The marinated cod in miso is the juiciest you could ever have.

  • Atmosphere: suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 19:00-01:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 78 92 91
  • Address: Avenida de Las Americas, Centro Comerical Oasis
  • Website:


#7: Oliver’s With a Twist, One of the best in Los Cristianos (4.0/5)

Thank you Fraser A for sharing this image from Oliver´s With a Twist on TripAdvisor  View the rest

Feel like some good old fish and chips? None of the other Los Cristianos restaurants serves it better, as it is kept authentic but with an unexpected contemporary twist. You’ll also find the menu is filled with British favourites, all with an added Canarian touch that makes all the difference. Want to know what else is good? The affordable prices!

Tip: Leave room for their incredible homemade desserts. The Malteser cheesecake is simply to die for!!!

  • Atmosphere: a true family restaurant
  • Opening hours: 18:30-00:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: the sooner the better! This restaurant is almost always fully booked
  • Phone: 680 693 977
  • Address: Calle Hermano Pedro de Bethencourt, Edif. Cerromar, Los Cristianos
  • Website: Not available but here are some TripAdvisor reviews


#6: Zeus, Best Buffet in Costa Adeje (4.2/5)

Buffet Zeus in Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Looking for Costa Adeje restaurants with a buffet? This one serves the freshest and tastiest products you could come across on the island. Indulge yourself in an array of six local and international buffets: smoked and pickled, seafood, cheeses, pates, grilled meats and desserts. And if you’re the type to wake up hungry, you’d be happy to know the buffet is open for breakfast. Otherwise, you can always come at night and enjoy the fascinating live cooking shows.

Tip: The restaurant has night-themesso ask before going in case you´re into costume fun.

  • Atmosphere: Suitable for both families and couples
  • Opening hours: 7:30-10:30 and 19:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 71 33 35
  • Address: Hotel Iberostar, Anthelia, calle Londres, 15, Costa Adeje
  • Website:


#5: Lucas Maes, a Fine Dining in Tenerife North (4.4/5)

If you’re looking for fine dining, this is where you’ll have a true Canarian culinary experience. Run by Lucas Mares, a Canarian chef originally from Belgium, the restaurant is located inside a beautifully restored mansion with a terrace overlooking banana plantations and the Atlantic Ocean. The menu is à la carte and comprises of excellent traditional Tenerife food but with a modern twist. 

Tip: The five-course tasting menu is a delight!

  • Atmosphere: suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 13:00-14:30 and 19:30-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 32 11 59
  • Address: Autopista de la Crus salida 32, Barranco de La Arena, 53, La Orotova
  • Website:


#4: Bar el Cine, the Very Best of Los Cristianos for Fresh Seafood (4.5/5)Bar El Cine, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Thank you @anaidmarinho for sharing this image from Bar el Cine with us – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

Seafood is on the menu of almost all Tenerife restaurants, but this is definitely the place to go! Do not be fooled by its humble appearance (plastic tables and chairs), we can assure you it is finger licking good and affordable – a fulfilling dish averages at €7. Located in the back of an alley by the harbour, this is a true Canary Island experience not to be missed out on and you can only expect to be served fresh and daily catches.

Tip: the octopus with a side of salad or chips. Do not forget to ask for your Canarian mojo sauce!!

  • Atmosphere: suitable for both families and couples
  • Opening hours: 11:30-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: no reservations. Do not be surprised if you have to queue.
  • Phone: 609 10 77 58
  • Address: Calle Juan Bariajo, 8, Los Cristianos
  • Website:


#3: El Calderito de la Abuela, a Three-Restaurants Combo in Tenerife North (4.6/5)

Thank you @tomsawyertf for sharing this image from El Calderito de la Abuela with us –Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram  

Literally translating into “Grandma’s cooking pot”, its history dates back to 1926 when a woman opened a small supply shop. Today, four generations later, the business is still run by the same family with a culinary philosophy that strives to rediscover age-old traditional Canary recipes and adapting them to the tastes of today's diners. El Calderito de la Abuela is a combination of three gastronomic restaurants, all in one charming location with spectacular views of Mount Teide and the Atlantic Ocean. Their culinary vision is based on four principles: tapas culture, family and traditional recipes, quality fresh products (grown in their very own organic garden) and good vibes. They also have an excellent selectio of craft wines.

Tip: If you’re having meat, their oak aged red wine is a must-have!

  • Atmosphere: More suitable for an adult crowd but children are always welcome
  • Opening hours: 13:00-16:00 and 19:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 30 19 18
  • Address: Calle Provincial, 130, Sta Ursula
  • Website:


#2: Poseidon, Definitely the Best in Costa Adeje (4.8/5)

Headed by two award-winning chefs, José Miguel Barrera and Laura Neito, creative French haute cuisine is what’s on the menu.  This Costa Adeje restaurant will exceed your expectations both in taste and atmosphere. Dishes are cooked only with the finest and most unique ingredients and the location is set in a prestigious dining atmosphere, where you can enjoy an impeccable meal on an extravagant terrace boasting grand views of the smaller island of La Gomera. Sitting inside is also as delightful, as the interior is elegant and luxurious.

Tip: We can´t get ourselves to pick just one favourite! Everything on the menu is just succulent!

  • Atmosphere: suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 19:00-23:00, Wednesday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 71 33 35
  • Address: Hotel Iberostar Anthelia, Calle Londres, 15, Costa Adeje
  • Website


#1: El Rincón de Juan Carlos in Los Gigantes (5/5)

The very best restaurant in the island, Chef Juan Carlos was voted second best chef in Spain. With a capacity up to 30 guests only, the décor of the place is humble and minimalist without a terrace or any ostentatious outdoor signs. You could easily walk past this restaurant in Los Gigantes without having the slightest clue of the gastronomic magic that happens inside. The menu offers true avant-garde Tenerife cuisine; every dish is as original as it gets, taking you on a mystery culinary voyage of traditional Spanish flavours.

Tip: Have you ever had a mushroom cappuccino?

  • Atmosphere: suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 07:00-22:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 922 86 80 40
  • Address: Acantillado de Los Gigantes, Pje Jacaranda, 2, Santiago del Teide
  • Website:


Looking for a hotel in Tenerife? Most of these top-rated restaurants are just within short distance from the IBEROSTAR Tenerife hotels found in various locations in the north and south of the island. This hotel chain is a perfect place for either a couple´s holiday or afamily holiday. And if you happen to love food, then you should be happy to know itfeatures several in-house restaurants renowned for unrivalled gastronomic experiences.”

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