Tempting Myself at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun

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This is definitely a not a swingers resort. It’s an adult / topless resort with most women opting for the top on. This type of resort is not unusual for Mexico and quite calm for a resort labeled as an "adult experience". The staff was kind and always willing to help.


The resort for a 3 start is STUNNING at first sight. It sits right on the beach with 4 poster sun loungers big papason chairs to sit back, relax and watch the world pass by.


The sexy pool bar had the best margaritas.  I had help getting started – with a look alike Richard Hatch assisting me with service from the bar, even when I didn’t need it.

The pool and beach area are kept lovely and clean, we spent most of our time at the sexy pool. The quiet pool is a nice way to start your day or end the afternoon when the sexy pool heats up and you just want a quieter spot to relax.

The pool was always uncomfortably warm much of the time. The resort closes the pools early and don’t re-open them at night. This should be changed as I think the evening entertainment around the pool would be very interesting late into the evening.  


The hotel entertainment during the day was very entertaining. A lot of drinking games and also pool relay races – too funny!  Don’t let the resort nature put you off as it’s quite a fun resort and if you have an open minded you will have a
great time here. You might also just choose to sit back and watch and enjoy the sites and let the entertainment team do just that – entertain.

                                                                                                              SEXY POOL

The pool party proved to be a highlight – what a blast and the pool remained open that night until 1am…..You have to experience it to appreciate it.


The room was modern and ours actually overlooked the quiet pool which was so nice as I’ve heard that some rooms overlooking the sexy pool are loud till 4am or so. The rooms where bright. Beds comfortable – not Marriott beds but comfortable, and no tackiness. The resort presented itself better than I expected.


A major plus was the food - it was excellent compared to Hedo II's.

The breakfast buffet offered many options with an omelet station – nice…

The restaurants on this complex are just amazing. The food/service Excellent.  Staff could not do enough for you and if you tip the barmen/waiters on your first night they look after you all week.

Asian was lovely, located right on the beach. The food was ok – I prefer raw sushi but didn’t have it there. They did have many options on the menu. We chose to sample multiple items and enjoyed them all.  Book your reservations between 10am-12n everyday or you’ll be eating at the buffet. A TIP to the hostess, however, may get you in. The food & service in the Italian was also lovely (same for booking). The pasta was fresh and very tasty.
The other restaurants were also nice, buffet style during the day and a basic but nice menu at night! You will not go hungry at Temptations!

I had lunch twice at Margarita’s – The food again, was excellent and let me just say – ooooooooo the guacamole is the best!


The beach at the hotel is located in between a marina. The beach at this hotel is located next to the docks and the closeness of the marina sometimes created a bit of seaweed. The beach was nice to walk on but not a great swimming beach. The water is pretty shallow – it was fun swimming at night after the pools were closed though, just don't forget about those Mexican crabs in the water.......

Many of the people we met were repeaters. I can honestly say it’s a resort that people return to and you will have fun!
DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY THE SWINGER THING! It’s not in your face and not intrusive. You probably won’t even realize it’s going on.
















The theme nights at the resort are fun, but we found that shortly after, a lot of the guest go out to the clubs and then come back late and continue partying.
Note: go to the clubs with the hotel at night. There is a sign up in the activities/tour area. It works out cheaper plus you get a private area, much better than fighting for a space!

Overall this is an amazing place, the only down fall it is around 8km from Cancun’s downtown hotspots.


The Mexican people love to please. Everyone was amazingly friendly which made this experience even better. I can’t say enough about the security on property. We didn’t experience any of the “dangerous” stuff Cancun is making headlines for.


I will definitely go back to Cancun and Temptations Resort & Spa Cancun. It’s a must see, three nights just wasn’t enough.


Interested in more information, please let me know…..

Michelle Thurston




 Partial Oceanview/quiet poolview room


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