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Israel Tourism

In Tel Aviv, east is united with west, the traditional with trendy, and landscape with the sea in a marvelous way. It is one of those cities that, once you visit it, you do not want to leave. This city on the Mediterranean coast combines the old with the new in a way that leaves the feeling of many different worlds at the same time. The Israeli capital may be Jerusalem, but no region in the country has Tel Aviv's global recognition and radiation.

Its name in Hebrew means "spring hill," and if a military presence is a obvious, it is a city that is sunny any time of the year and that has not only been left untouched by the economic crisis but is growing rapidly. Every day, luxury restaurants and hotels are inaugurated, while art is prospering and occupying entire neighborhoods. There are places both intimate - almost as if you are in old Europe or the old Middle East - and others that remind you of western metropolises like New York City. Its fantastic beaches are also a huge draw. 

Tel Aviv is also the most important shopping mecca in Israel, and its economy accounts for about 15 percent of national employment. There is a large part of the Israeli industry concentrated, mainly in the textile, metallurgy, tanning, printing and diamond processing industries. The metropolitan area of ​​Tel Aviv is the center of Israel's high technology, and the city is also an important educational center with many educational institutions.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of great hotels here, to to be sure. However, the smartest way to find a great place is via the vacation rental company Sasson & Co, a brand new player focused on comfort and glamour, with five-star amenities. Clean and modern, they can satisfy even the guest’s most exacting needs, and include free WiFi, maid service, and lavish breakfasts and hosts ready to answer any of your questions, day and night. You can also ask for details or booking a ticket for a show in the city or a table at your favorite restaurant, with the help of the host, or you can order a great in-room meal. Rates start at 100 USD per night. 

New Neighborhoods

For many years, the southern districts of Tel Aviv were in the shadow of the northern, but in recent years they've developed to the point of being a bastion of free expression and arts, and the low cost of apartments has brought many artists and intellectuals there.

Carmel Market

If you want to go for shopping in Tel Aviv, there is no better place to be rather than the famous Carmel Street. There, you will find mostly food, but also various items for your house, clothes and flowers, and every Tuesday and Friday independent artists sell their work, from art to jewelry and other handmade items. Of course you must know that in Israel on Saturday (Shabbat) is like Sunday and everything is closed, with the working week starting from Sunday.

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