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3 Tech Tips for Golf Fans Traveling this Summer

Golf fans across the globe have a lot to look forward to this summer, which starts with the 2018 US Open today in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York.If it were possible, all the fans would travel to watch the US Open and other upcoming competitions in person. However, for various reasons, watching the games from home is the available option for most fans. Unfortunately, fans traveling this Summer will lack the opportunity to watch the games in person or at home. So, what should they do for access to the live golf action they love so much?

Download and install a VPN

A VPN is a necessity if you wish to watch the golf tournament from abroad. Networks with the broadcasting rights to the tournament often restrict viewership to specific regions. For instance, only those within the US and Canada may have direct access from a local sports network. A VPN is a network security tool that could help bypass those geo-restrictions by making it appear that you are browsing from within the US. This is the perfect solution if you want to watch US Open 2018 online. That is especially so because aside from providing a solution to the geo-restriction problem, a VPN also provides excellent network security. At a time when the threat of hacking is so high, cybersecurity should be a severe concern anytime you access the internet. Keep in mind that while all VPNs claim to offer data encryption and round-the-clock network security, very few actually manage to put that into practice to provide the level of protection you need. You should, therefore, choose your VPN very wisely and after plenty of research into the issue.


Subscribe to a streaming service

Solving the access problem is just the first step for golf fans traveling this Summer. Next, you have to figure out where to watch the US Open. There are hundreds of online channels that claim to offer direct access to live streams of the competition. However, most of these are scams perpetrated by hackers for malicious purposes such as fraud and theft of personal information. Nevertheless, there are legit networks that provide excellent access to the tournaments complete with live streams and highlights. The best option for traveling fans would be to subscribe to a streaming service such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Sling TV. These provide you with access to a variety of sports networks from where you can safely and comfortably watch the 2018 US Open golf tournament. Alternatively, you could subscribe to any of the official broadcasters of the competition even though this limits your viewing options considerably.


Check the network availability of your destination

To stream the US Open live, you need a stable, high-speed network connection. While most destinations around the world provide reliable network connectivity, there are still some destinations that don’t meet the threshold. Confirm the network speeds, availability, and stability beforehand from the hotel you intend to stay at to make sure they meet the minimum video streaming requirements. That way, you can find alternative solutions to the network where necessary such as springing for an international data plan or relying on a global Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Bottom Line

It is possible to follow all the golf action this summer while traveling as long as you are willing to go the extra mile. You need to download and install a VPN to bypass inconvenient geo-restrictions, subscribe to a streaming service and seek out a reliable internet connection. Your most significant concern, in this respect, is finding a reliable network connection because your streaming experience is considerably affected by the same. However, you should still pay significant attention when choosing the VPN and streaming service.

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