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What Awaits on a Tanzania Safari Holiday

Nature continues to amaze and thrill us. The beauty, mystery and depth it presents can be indescribable. Spending some quality time in nature is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take the edge off and recharge during the holidays. 

In a 2017 post about the best safari holiday destinations worldwide, we mentioned that Tanzania is considered one of the best four safari destinations worldwide. Here are five prime safari experiences in this country which will leave you with eco memories to last a lifetime. 

Lake Manyara National Park

If you're a bird lover, this is one of the first places you should go for a safari in Tanzania, especially popular among birdwatchers. Here, you can also see tree-climbing lions – one of the only two places in Africa that offers that spectacle. The beautiful Lake Manyara National Park has quite a number of activities which includes cycling safaris as well as game drives:

Nighttime Game Drives

After dark is when many African animals, especially predators, become active. Although having a game drive in the park after hours is not allowed, you can drive along the periphery of the park. While it’s not guaranteed that you might spot any nocturnal wild animal on a night game drive, it’ll surely be exciting if you get to see any of these beautiful creatures that normally will not come out during the day.

Cycling Safaris

If you’re a sporty adventurist, then you should join a biking safari for an unforgettable experience. You can get a tour to the Great Rift Valley while enjoying the view, and you might get the opportunity to see some animals along the way. You could even take a break and get some amazing pictures before continuing on your cycling along the shores of Lake Manyara.

Canoeing Safaris

If you plan your holiday trip during the rainy seasons when the waters are quite high in the lake, you can get a guide for a canoe safari through the park. You will get to see the water birds and other animals going about their lives as you sail on the lake. Lake Manyara can however be quite shallow during the dry seasons. If you make your trip during this period, it’s going to be most unlikely to get a canoe safari.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The expansive Ngorongoro caldera is the place to see the endangered black rhinoceros. The wildlife is not the only thing this area has to offer. If you love hiking or have been considering trying it out, this wondrous beauty is a great place for that. The craters and mountains of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area offer great hiking opportunities.

The Oldupai Gorge Museum is home to exhibitions of ancient tools and bones, including casted footprints that are one of the oldest evidences of human civilization and habitation. The Oldupai Gorge is sometimes referred to as the Cradle of Humanity.

If you’re big on experiencing the culture of others, then a visit to the local Masai village should definitely be on your bucket list. You’ll surely get a thrilling cultural experience from this.

Kilimanjaro National Park

Featured in one of the songs of the classic Disney animation Lion King II, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro National Park boasts of being the home to this majestic exhibit of nature. It is no surprise that it’s a target destination for those who wish to hike this great mountain. Get those hiking shoes on, and as you are on your way, you can take some great photographs of the animals you pass by. If you make it to the peak of the mountain, you get to have a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Well, of course not everyone can say they’re enthusiastic to trek Kilimanjaro. Luckily, there are other hiking options. You can take a hike just up to the first hut, and while on the way, you’ll get to experience quite a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

If hiking is not your thing at all, then you should visit the Africa Amini Life Lodge. This is a Masai operated luxury lodge which has found a way to combine first class luxury with some local aura. As a guest, you can get to stay the night or just go for a visit. You can take part in fun activities such as spear throwing competitions, tasting local cuisine and bead making.

Mikumi National Park

A very short safari located in Zanzibar City, it's surrounded by open grasslands and mountain ranges,, and home to a variety of bird species, as well as Hyenas, Lions, Elephants, Crocodiles, Baboons and Wildebeests to mention just a few.

Tarangire National Park

If you love elephants and lions, you’ll love the Tarangire, home to one of the largest elephant populations in the country. Present are other species of animals like zebras, giraffes, and buffalos. You can as well go for a night drive if you’re feeling adventurous. You might be lucky to spot a few nocturnal predators as well as other nocturnal animals.

Remember To Take Safety Precautions

While safaris can be a beautiful experience, it is necessary to take health related precautions. As Tiffany from travel nurse agency, Gifted Healthcare that facilitates travel nurse assignments suggested “Having your doctor do a check-up on you before embarking on a safari trip is a great way to keep your health safe. Taking recommended vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, and hepatitis B will help you enjoy your trip without worrying about acquired illnesses. And don’t forget to ask your doctor to prescribe some malaria pills to carry along with you on your trip.”

One More Thing...

And by the way, if you happen to be a nurse, Gifted Healthcare has nurse jobs where nurses can have the best of both worlds: travel to places and experience new culture while taking care of those who need medical attention.

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