Na Phon commune is located 2 kilometers from Mai Chau center. Na Phon has five residential areas, including 405 households with 1,664 people, in which four ethnic peoples live together. Thai people accounts for 98.44%, Kinh 0.3%, Muong 1.20% and Dao 0.06%. The climate here is characterized by mountainous areas, with temperature ranging remarkably among four seasons, which is affected by rain season and dry season as well as the uneven distribution of rainfall among 12 months. Especially in dry season, prolonged droughts directly affect the production and daily life of local residents. Besides, water is a burning issue to people in Na Phon, who have to fetch water from streams and wells in the surrounding areas, taking a lot of time and effort.

Mai Chau Ecolodge is located in Na Thia village, Na Phon commune, and has been operated for over 2 years. With full understanding about the people here, Mai Chau Ecolodge has funded the entire cost to build water tanks on the top of the mountain, renovate the land to dig wells, build pumping stations, pump water to the reservoir on the mountain, and construct pipelines supplying water for the entire population in Na Thia village, Na Phon commune. After the water supply system is operated (estimated to be finished in mid-December), the clean water problem will be solved. 

Besides, during over two years operating, Mai Chau Ecolodge also creates a great number of jobs for locals, help them understand and preserve the cultural merits and the nature. In details, Mai Chau Ecolodge has help the local people perform the following tasks:

  • All people in Na Thia has now been fully aware that their culture is an invaluable resource to be proud of.
  • There are nearly 80 families now having a better life thanks to jobs created by Mai Chau Ecolodge. Children in Na Thia now tend to study about tourism to develop sustainable tourism in the local areas.
  • The company’s performance team is entirely from Na Thia people, meaning that Mai Chau Ecolodge has regularly created jobs for them, so that they will try to preserve and take pride in their culture.
  • Na Thia village is now very conscious about protect the nature and general sanitation. 

This is amongst the social activities to support local people in Mai Chau, toward the development of sustainable and responsible tourism of Mai Chau Ecolodge. 

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