Study Group Tour To India : Be a Part Of Magical History of India

Every year, hundreds of schools and universities plan a study group tour to India for their students who love to reveal the royal history of India. In fact, not only the history is royal, Indian historical monuments also luxurious and glorious to be explored. Moreover, people who love photography can also be a part of this study group as they get a golden chance to capture the images after learning the deep history of these monuments so that they can enhance their photo collection with some important information.

With options across multiple cities, many universities and schools prefer to Come India to unlock the hidden gems of India. The study group tours can be planned for 2 to 3 week to include every important destination of India that has a deep history. the basic tour plans include cultural events, local orientation, mentoring & monitoring, food & lodging, airport transfer, organize scheduling, providing 24/7 emergency support, travel booking assistance and much more if you get your plan organized from the reliable local travel agency.

What is the reason behind Organizing the study group tour to India?

India has a deep history and reading those stories and histories in only books can really make student bore and put great pressure on their mind. It is natural, a 5th standard or 10 standard students can't learn huge important dates. In fact, India is the country where a number of emperors have ruled and learning every single name with a correct date is quite complicated for a student.

However, these group study tours are the only way to reveal that magical history of India as when you physically visit any place, then you can easily remember all the facts and easy to recall that time without being confused.

Let's frame out where and how you can plan your educational tour in India:

1 Week Health Immersion : "Hands on" experience working in low-cost health clinics in the slums of Mumbai.

2 to 3-week learning-in-action program that introduces students to the entire supply chain of socially and environmentally responsible textile system from cotton field to designing a garment. Hosted by Indian fashion designers in Auroville, Pondicherry.

Week field survey of the art, architecture, and environment of the ancient Chola and Pallava Empires of Tamil Nadu.

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