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Why Homestays Are the Best Way for Students to Immerse in Another Culture

If you are a student and you don’t have much money to splash on fancy voyages but you wish to explore other cultures, there is a way – applying for a student exchange program! Apart from an opportunity to study in a different country and meeting new friends, this is a great chance to develop a global perspective and broaden your social horizons.

Application is easy if your college takes part in the program. You will have to compose a personal statement that shows why you qualify as a best candidate. If you are required to write it in the language of your target country, you might want to get additional essay writing help online to make sure your statement sounds compelling.

A homestay said to be a form of cultural exchange where a student gets to integrate with a local family for some time. As a student, you have to understand that your host family could be a couple or an individual. However, the host family should be carefully selected according to your preference to give you and your hosts the best experience possible. If you are unsure about homestay, here are the main benefits for students to gain from the stay.

Better Social Integration

As a student, your homestay hosts will know virtually everything about their area. This would prove very helpful as their experience would instantly rub off on you. They would make it impossible for you to feel lost or lonely. They would be able to point you in the direction of different fun spots around. Hosts also have different tips that are useful for local transport.

Language Support

If you are an international student, chances are that you would be visiting an entirely different country. When traveling to another country, language can be a serious impediment to integrating socially. But with a homestay there’s really nothing to worry about as your hosts will be experts in the local language and you will slowly get to learn bits of the language till you become an expert yourself. There will be less pressure from your hosts to learn the language and it makes everything easier for you.


This is a major concern for anyone traveling to a foreign country. Homestay hosts have proven to be perfect solutions to deal with this. They are thoroughly vetted for the programs. Only hosts capable of providing safety and comfort are selected. This means you can be sure of the safety of the homestay accommodation. Homestay hosts have even proven useful enough to provide the students with safety tips on how to navigate the area.

Advice on Long-term Accommodation

Identifying the best choice for long-term accommodation can be quite some work. However, homestay hosts could provide some useful information. Also, think of the benefits of having a safe base to comfortably consider your next accommodation. The advice and comfort provided by your hosts will make it easier to locate accommodation that suits your requirements.

A Local Host for Future Reference

This is a benefit which you may end up needing after some time. Homestay hosts can act as references when seeking new accommodation or a job. You may decide to keep up with the connection even after leaving their homes. Homestay is a great way to become connected to someone new.

There are a lot of other interesting reasons to choose homestay. However, its biggest benefit is that it allows you stay in a new country with a high level of comfort. This makes it easier for you to settle into the new environment and your academic life.

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