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Six Benefits Of Living In A Studio Apartment Near Cary

Are you looking for apartments near Cary, NC? While you have almost figured out the location, there are other things you must consider. These include connectivity, distance from your workplace, proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping malls and amusement centers, and most importantly your budget. If you are living alone, studio apartments offer a good alternative. These well-designed spaces are packed with all the things that you would need, without stretching your budget. Here are six benefits of living in a studio apartment.

1. Enough Space for Comfortable Living

Though studio apartments are generally small, most of these units are meticulously designed to provide occupants with just enough space for living comfortably. You will love the 9-foot ceilings, making your living space look more spacious. The architects take special care to create open layouts, so that the residents don’t get the feeling of being confined in a small room. These luxurious homes are designed strategically with plenty of storage options to ensure that every nook and corner is properly utilized.

2. Enjoy the Best Amenities

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t imply that you cannot enjoy the many community amenities. You can still take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, tone up your muscles at the fitness center, play exciting rounds of billiards in the game room or simply relax at the lounging area. The opportunities are endless.

3. Save on Electricity Bills

Besides saving on monthly rents, studio apartments also help you save on electricity bills. These self-contained units have the bedroom, living room and kitchen all rolled up into a single room. This means heating or cooling your studio is more cost-effective than their bigger counterparts.

4. Save on Furniture

Lesser available space means lesser number of furniture. It is not only affordable, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand that it is convenient too. Get creative to maximize space utilization. Use multi-purpose furniture to increase storage units without investing in a new piece of furniture. For instance, let your ottoman do a double duty and act as a secret storage unit for your books and other small stuffs. Invest in a Murphy bed and enjoy the extra space when it’s not in use. You could also settle for a smarter sofa that comes with an adjustable bed.  You just need to put on your thinking cap and you will be surprised by how much you can do with your studio apartment. Developing organizational skills in the process is no mean bonus.

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

If apartment cleaning features on the fag end of your to-do list, you will love a studio apartment.  It’s much easier to clean and maintain than the larger ones, thus giving you more time to concentrate on other important things. Grab the extra time on weekends and enjoy your newfound freedom.

6. Stay in a Posh Locality

Up market areas often remain beyond reach especially if you are living on a budget. That might change if you opt for a studio apartment. With a rent that’s comparatively lower than the bigger alternatives, your cozy little unit will let you stay at the heart of the city without burning a hole in your pocket. You can easily be a part of the upscale community of Cary and enjoy its popular theaters, multiplexes, restaurants and business centers without worrying about going overboard with your expenses. The town also offers many green parks and more than 60 miles of recreational amenities to keep you refreshed throughout the week.

There are many studio apartments near Cary, NC that offer world-class amenities. Make the most of these and enjoy living in one of the most beautiful places.

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