Shimmering photos of terraced rice fields in Bat Xat - Lao Cai Vietnam

Traveling to Lao Cai province, all tourists in Vietnam travel have had strongly impressions on Vietnam’s North-West frontier because of its shimmering and breathtaking beauty of terraced fields turning to yellow when the harvest comes.

As about 80kilometers far from Lao Cai city, tourists in Vietnam tourism can see the terraced rice fields in most of the local communes, but the most impressive ones are located in Y Ty, A Lu, Khu Chu Lin, A Mu Sung and Ngai Thau, Bat Xat’s district.

Although the harvest of terraced rice fields ended in October, strong impressions on these beautiful golden fields of grain are still in tourists’ mind.

We would like to give you some wonderful photographs of Bat Xat district’s yellow terraced fields and hope you will like them.

If you are foreign tourists and want to enjoy beautiful terraced fields of rice in your own eyes, you should make tours to Vietnam and annually rice harvest lasts from mid- September to early October.

Now, it’s time for you to admire beautiful landscape images:

Terraced rice fields in Lao Cai

Curving terraces turning yellow

Terraced fields of rice in Lao Cai

Terraced rice fields in Lao Cai Vietnam

Yellow terraced fields in Bat Xat Lao Cai

The whole valley changes colour

Terraced fields in Lao Cai

Harvest time comes!

Beautiful terraced fields in Lao Cai

Lao Cai

Human beings dwarfed by a yellow sea of rice

Terraced fields in Lao Cai

A girl charming in the yellow sea of grain

square houses in Lao Cai

Square houses with pyramid roofs are special feature of Ha Nhi ethnic group

Amazing landscapes in Lao Cai

Amazingly beautiful landscape

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