An Introduction to Seoul, South Korea

On the Han River, South Korea's capital is truly a global city and offers a wealth of places and experiences to delight any visitor. There are many things to do in Seoul. Here are some of the cool places you can visit: 

-Nanta Theatre is a non- verbal stage production. 

-Samcheong- dong Bukchon is a place which has a historic village, a coffeehouse and a shop where you can shop your heart out.

-Myeong Dong is a place which is very popular with shopoholics, with a famous night market and a band which plays at the subway. The street is crowded with people shopping on the shops located on the road and plenty of eateries in the area. There is a flea market there, and a historic and scenic walking area.

-The Lotte Mart Seoul Station is another place where you can have a great time browsing and bargaining. 

-Insa Dong is another street which is very popular with visitors, a historic walking location.

-The Gyeongbokgung Palace houses the National Museum and the National Folk Museum. The palace was built about six centuries ago during the Chosun dynasty.

-Another major destination in Seoul is the N Seoul Tower. The main attractions are the observation deck and the visitor centre.

-The Olympic Park sports complex is also very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Apart from all that, there plenty else to see and do, starting with a number of Buddhist shrines and temples. On a more materialistic note, there are also some great shopping malls with the best brands and some amazing stuff. Downtown's restaurants serve up tasty Korean cuisine.Popular nightclubs, located mainly near the downtown pull in the younger generation who come for the DJs, live music, and of course dancing! Finally, a bit farther afield, there are some amazing beaches great for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing and jet skiing.

Bottom line: You'll find plenty of food for both body and soul in Seoul!

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